Career Options by Major

Students have many career options available to them when they graduate from the KU School of Business. Often students are unsure of all of the opportunities that are available to them. Therefore, the below information will help students who are undecided on which major might be best for them, along with some handouts that will provide students with a brief summary of some of the career paths specifically aligned with the KU School of Business majors.


CareerLeader-College is an integrated approach to business career self-assessment. The self-directed web-based career tool was developed at Harvard and is used by top business schools globally to help students guide their careers. Students may set up a CareerLeader-College account in the BCSC for $20 (the amount BCSC pays to obtain an individual license from the vendor). Students completing the online assessment will receive individualized printable reports for the following:

  • (BCII) Business Career Interest Inventory – defining your career INTERESTS
  • (MPRP) Management & Professional Reward Profile – focusing your career VALUES and REWARDS
  • (MPAP) Management & Professional Abilities Profile – thinking about your business SKILLS and the implications of your strengths and weaknesses for different business career paths

CareerLeader-College also provides Industry Sketches, detailing all major business industries, who the major corporations are, what they do, how they operate, and what business career paths they offer. 

Helpful Career & Business Publications Online:

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