Business Ph.D.

What types of jobs can you expect with a business Ph.D.?
A doctoral degree in business prepares you to teach and do research. The vast majority of business Ph.D.’s joins the academy, but some seek careers in business, government, and public policy. Those who choose an academic career can choose between teaching-schools (4-year colleges), research universities, or the schools seeking a balance between teaching and research.
What about academic jobs availability?
Currently there is a huge shortage of doctoral faculty in business, which is forecasted to grow worse. Thus, there are plenty of job opportunities for qualified candidates.
Is faculty pay low compared to other professions?
Starting salaries vary by discipline (e.g., accounting, finance, marketing, and so on) and by the type of university/college one joins. Salaries at research universities are typically higher than those at the teaching schools or at the schools seeking a balance between teaching and research. To give you an idea, according to the AACSB 11-12 Salary Survey Reports, the salary range for new doctorates in 2011 was $96,700 to $138,600.
Do you admit students for the spring and summer semesters?
No. We admit students only for the fall semester, which begins in late August. The application deadline is January 10th each year for the following fall semester.
How long does it take to earn a Ph.D. in business?
A minimum of 4 years – most students will graduate in about 5 years.
Do I have to pay for my doctoral education?
Most U.S. universities fully fund Ph.D. education. Funding typically includes a full tuition and fee waiver and a significant stipend.
May I substitute a GRE score for a GMAT score?
Although the GMAT is preferred, students who have already taken the GRE may submit it with their application.
What are my chances of admission?
For the class of 2011, we received 125 applications and admitted 12 students.
Is it possible to earn a Ph.D. on a part-time basis?
No, our program is full-time and we have no provisions for part-time attendance.
Do you have long distance learning doctoral programs?
No, our program is full-time and on-campus.
Do you offer a graduate writing program for students?/div>
The Graduate Writing Program (GWP) offers instruction on the genres of graduate studies including theses, dissertations, grant proposals literature reviews, prospectuses, publications, conference presentations, and defense presentations. These courses are Graduate Studies courses. More specific information can be found at