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Business Administration B.S.B.

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  • Business Administration B.S.B.
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What Can I Do With Management?

As a business administration major, you will be prepared to handle business issues across an array of specialties with your broad business background.  This makes you a great candidate for a variety of business fields including, sales, entrepreneurship, retail, general management or a management rotational career program.

The sales field provides the largest number of entry-level jobs for business administration graduates.  

Many business administration students decide to go into entrepreneurship by starting their own business or taking over an existing one. 

Within the field of retail there is a variety of positions including sales, buying, distributing, advertising and marketing research.  As you move up in retail, you will have authority over types of merchandise displayed, promotions and price levels.

General management provides you with complete responsibility for the performance of a business or a business unit.  General managers typically have responsibility across departments, coordinating functional areas.  Your broad business administration background will provide you with the skills to fit this position.  Many find this field challenging and attractive because responsibility for the success of the business belongs to the general manager.

A great way to get started in the field of business administration is participation in a management rotational program.  The program can lead you to accelerated promotions and leadership opportunities.  In a management rotational program, you will rotate among functional areas of an organization while meeting key leaders, which will allow you to see a variety of functions in management.

To be successful, your skills should include ability to work in teams, interpersonal communication, public speaking and problem-solving.  As with most fields of business, it is crucial to gain experience through an internship or relevant part-time or summer work.  You can network by meeting alumni in the field and taking advantage of leadership opportunities on campus.

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