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Volunteer Fair
Sep. 02, 10:00 am
Sep. 02, 10:00 am

Law Exams End
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Information Systems B.S.B.

  • Accounting B.S.B.
  • Business Administration B.S.B.
  • Finance B.S.B.
  • Information Systems B.S.B.
  • Supply Chain Management B.S.B.
  • Management & Leadership B.S.B.
  • Marketing B.S.B.
  • Minor in Business
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration for Working Professionals
  • Business Ph.D.
  • MSB Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Business Ph.D.
  • Masters of Business Administration

What Can I Do With Information Systems?

With a degree in information systems, you will gain a broad liberal arts background and a strong professional education.  KU’s information systems program will give you a foundation in business disciplines while also giving you an understanding of the use of information technology in business and organizational settings.

As an information systems graduate you will help your business or organization achieve strategic goals and operational objectives.  You will develop an understanding of both business processes and the technologies available to support them.  This will require analytical skills, logic, creativity and communication skills.

The information systems field is vast and varied.  Because almost every organization or business in any industry depends on information technology, you will be qualified for a variety of jobs.  Some entry-level positions will be more technical and less analytical.  Some organizations do this to allow their new employees to learn their way around.  Consulting firms are a huge area of employment for information systems graduates because of their high use of information systems in coming up with solutions for their clients.

A degree in information systems will set you up to be an important asset to almost any company or organization, allowing you a varied and exciting field.  To prepare for the field, be sure to get experience through part-time or summer internships or jobs.  It will also be important to participate in shadowing events through the Business Career Services Center.  Seek out leadership and participation opportunities through campus and join the Information Systems Association of KU.

For more information on careers in Information Systems, check out the Business Career Services Center

Information Systems Full-Time Jobs & Internships