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Marketing B.S.B.

  • Accounting B.S.B.
  • Business Administration B.S.B.
  • Finance B.S.B.
  • Information Systems B.S.B.
  • Supply Chain Management B.S.B.
  • Management & Leadership B.S.B.
  • Marketing B.S.B.
  • Minor in Business
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration for Working Professionals
  • Business Ph.D.
  • MSB Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Business Ph.D.
  • Masters of Business Administration

As a marketing student at KU, you will prepare to take on a variety of fast-paced, ever-changing work in the field.  Jobs in marketing require interpersonal skills, strategy, flexibility and creativity.  Because the responsibilities in marketing jobs are so varied, it is important that you develop skills in all areas while also gaining experience to gauge your interests in various jobs.  You can narrow your focus by declaring a concentration, especially if you are interested in a particular area of marketing.

The marketing major requires a total of 120 credit-hours including general education classes, which meet the requirements of the KU Core, and additional courses, including MATH 115, PSYC 104 and a natural science with lab.  You will also take 20 credit-hours in foundation business classes and 18 credit-hours of core business classes.  For your marketing major, you will take nine additional hours of specific marketing classes as well as 12 credit-hours of marketing courses 400 and above.  Your career in the business school will culminate in a capstone course, Business Policy & Strategy (MGMT 498), where you will apply the skills you acquire toward cases and projects.

As a KU business student, you will be required to complete an International Dimension Requirement (IDR).  You can meet this by taking foreign language classes or proving equivalent proficiency through the fourth level (intermediate II).  You can also fulfill this requirement by completing six credit-hours through any approved study abroad program or through classes in contemporary regional/international studies or international business.

With a degree in marketing, you will enter a diverse field of business that centers frequently on strategic thinking and client interaction.  Networking is extremely important for success in marketing, so be sure to join clubs such as PRSSA or KU Marketing Club.  These organizations will provide you with opportunities to interact with professionals.  It will also be important to get experience and build your portfolio through a summer internship or other part-time work.  The education you will receive through the marketing program will provide you with the skills necessary for this ever-changing field.