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Management & Leadership B.S.B.

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What Can I Do With Management?

A degree in management and leadership will provide you with the skills necessary to effectively lead a group of people.  The management and leadership major will give you a mix of knowledge and skills applicable to a management job.  Many graduates secure jobs in sales, human resources, entrepreneurship, retail, general management and management rotational programs.

The largest number of opportunities for you as a management and leadership major will be in the field of sales.  This field is especially heavy in entry-level positions.  You can advance in sales by becoming a specialist or entering sales management.

As a management and leadership student, you will have opportunities within the field of human resources.  As a human resource manager, you will oversee the recruitment, training and compensation of a company’s employees.

Your training in management and leadership will also set you up with the skills necessary to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.  Your education in management will help you to grow a business from the ground up.

General management jobs tend to be higher level with heavy responsibility.  As a general manager, you are responsible for the performance of your entire business or unit.  You will oversee all other departments.

A management rotational program provides you with a look at different areas of an organization.  These positions can drive you toward promotions while also allowing you to network with leaders in a variety of job functions. 

Like many fields of business it is important to network as a management and leadership major.  You should also attend shadowing days to get a taste for jobs you may want when you graduate.  Look into leadership positions within clubs on campus or through KU’s LeaderShape program.  Experience through a summer internship or part-time work will allow you to be competitive with other management and leadership graduates.

For more information on careers in management, check out the Business Career Services Center

Management & Business Administration Full-Time Jobs & Internships