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Supply Chain Management B.S.B.

  • Accounting B.S.B.
  • Business Administration B.S.B.
  • Finance B.S.B.
  • Information Systems B.S.B.
  • Supply Chain Management B.S.B.
  • Management & Leadership B.S.B.
  • Marketing B.S.B.
  • Minor in Business
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration for Working Professionals
  • Business Ph.D.
  • MSB Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Business Ph.D.
  • Masters of Business Administration

What Can I Do With Supply Chain?

A degree in supply chain management will prepare you to work in a rapidly growing field.  Many organizations are recognizing the growing need for supply chain managers.  Supply chain managers improve customer service and reduce overall supply chain costs.  By managing supply chain costs, managers are able to see inefficiencies and find suppliers and distributors for their company accordingly.

Supply chain managers are essential to a wide variety of industries because of the way they impact profitability.  Whether you work for a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you will be essential in ensuring that the flow of materials, finances and information necessary for your business is as efficient as possible.  Supply chain managers decrease costs and inefficiencies to widen profit margin.  Examples of supply chain management jobs include SCM consulting, export/import operations and management, distribution management, and materials planning, to name a few.  These positions are all centered on the important skills of planning, managing and analyzing.

To launch your career in the supply chain management field, it is important to get experience through a relevant internship.  This will give you a better taste for what your job will look like after graduating, as well as provide you with some experience to show a potential employer.  This field will require you to have strong analytic and interpersonal skills so you can most effectively manage the supply chain as well as work with those around you.  Building a personal and professional network will prove important when you are looking for a job.

For more information on careers in Supply Chain Management, check out the Business Career Services Center

Supply Chain Management Full-Time Jobs & Internships