Do I have to pursue a business major to participate?
Yes. Students must be actively pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business degree to participate in the Business Leadership Program. Pre-business, business minor, and non-business majors are not eligible
I didn't receive an invitation to apply. Why not? Can I still apply?
Students do not have to receive an invitation to apply. Invitations are mailed to students who meet the eligibility criteria, but it is not necessary to be invited to apply to submit an application.
I currently do not meet the eligibility requirements. Can I still apply before December 1st and try to increase my ACT/SAT score and/or high school GPA later?
Students must meet the ACT and GPA minimums by the application deadline (December 1). Therefore, it is unlikely that a student could raise his/her GPA by the deadline. The committee will consider an increased ACT score from the October 25th testing date, but scores beyond this testing date will not be considered. Students should contact John Hedeman at businessleaders@ku.edu to report a higher ACT or SAT score if a program application has already been submitted.
What is the application deadline?
December 1, 2014.
Do I have to continue with the program to receive the first-year scholarship?
Yes. Students must meet the program requirements after their first fall semester to receive the second half of their first-year scholarship.
I also want to participate in the University Honors program. Will I have enough time to do both?
Absolutely! A common concern is that students will over-extend themselves if they are admitted to and participate in both the University Honors Program and the Business Leadership Program. While at times it may be challenging, current students involved in both programs have successfully balanced the classroom and co-curricular requirements. We believe that being associated with either or both programs at KU will greatly enhance your educational experience.
Am I automatically admitted to the Business Honors program if I accept admission to the BLP?
No. Students will typically apply to the Business Honors program during the second semester of the sophomore year. While participation in the BLP can certainly help students build a strong application, admission to the Business Honors program is an independent process and candidates are evaluated based on their academic achievements and experiences at KU.

Contact Business Leadership Program

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact us via email at businessleaders@ku.edu. Questions by phone should be directed to 785-864-7500.