Undergraduate Business Honors Program

Fall Application Deadline Extended to 10/02/14.

The Business Honors Program allows an elite cadre of undergraduate Business School students to participate in a special set of enrichments. Graduating with Business Honors requires that students admitted to the programs complete at least 12 hours of Business Honors classes. They will also be expected to be deeply involved in the life of the School, routinely assuming leadership positions and taking advantage of experiential learning opportunities.



Aspirations Profiles

Business Honors students are asked to prepare an aspirations profile as part of their membership in the program. Each aspirations profile details how students will enrich their time as a business student at KU. You can view each class' profiles on their roster.


Honors classes are taught by award-winning faculty and are both challenging and interactive.

Apply online

If you're ready to apply to the honors program, you can apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Business Honors student still participate in University Honors?
Absolutely! Indeed, the School of Business encourages all qualified students to participate in the University Honors Program. Check with your University Honors advisor to find out which Business Honors courses also count for University Honors.
Who's the target audience?
A student will normally apply and be admitted to the Business Honors program during the second semester of the sophomore year.
Strictly speaking, applicants should have at least 45 credit hours counting toward graduation with at least one semester completed at KU.
Students will be expected to have at least four semesters remaining before graduation so those with more than 65 credit hours will typically not be accepted.
Applicants will normally demonstrate high academic achievement and potential with a KU Overall GPA of at least 3.50.
Just as important as high academic achievement and potential is exceptional involvement and leadership in the Business School. Successful applicants will have well documented profiles on such dimensions at KU.
What do I have to do to graduate with Business Honors?
Complete at least 12 hours of Business Honors classes.
Agree to publication of your Aspirations Profile on the School's web page and elsewhere. The Aspirations Profile is where applicants articulate what they intend to accomplish outside the classroom during their junior and senior years, describing accomplishments.
Agree to update the Aspirations Profile near the end of each semester of the junior and senior years.
Maintain no less than a 3.50 KU Overall GPA. Remain a student in good standing in the School of Business.
What benefits will a Business Honors student receive?
The most conspicuous benefit will be the opportunity to enroll in Business Honors courses, taught by some of the most gifted faculty in the School.Honors students will also have special access to resources of the School such as:
  • Designated Business Honors faculty advisor.
  • Special contact with select campus visitors.
  • Exclusive "lunch with the Dean" invitations.
  • Extra-curricular activities. (The most popular seems to be laser tag.)
What are the downsides of being a Business Honors student?
Honors courses will not necessarily be harder than regular Business classes, but they will be different. "In Business Honors courses, faculty and students collectively endeavor to master course content beyond the traditional mastery expected in non-Honors courses." Such enrichments are not for the intellectually faint of heart or weak of spirit.
You will be challenged by others of like aptitude and gifts. You will be expected to live up to your potential. The Aspirations Profile will celebrate your accomplishments publicly.
How much more do I have to pay to be in the Business Honors program?
Zero! There is no additional cost to be in the Business Honors program.
How much longer will it take me to complete the Business Honors program instead of the regular program?
Zero! The Business Honors program is the same length as the other programs.
How will the Business Honors Program interface with specific majors in the School?
You should see no difference in your program of study. Every major in the School is expected to offer a handful of Honors courses, so you should have no difficulty finding 12 hours of courses to take during your final four semesters.
The application requires that I describe my plans for "experiential learning." I'm not familiar with that term.
Much of your learning that prepares you for your career is done in the classroom. However that's not the only way. Often our deepest learning comes from first hand experience. For examples:
  • Some classes, especially in Entrepreneurship, primarily involve client contact.
  • Finance Scholars experience the capital markets directly, such as the Jayhawks on Wall Street program and through the Applied Portfolio management course.
  • Having a business executive serve as your mentor provides special insights.
  • Studying abroad lets students experience new languages, business practices and cultures.
  • The list could continue, but the purpose is to let you figure out how you plan to enrich your time in the Business Honors program.
I'm interested! How do I apply?
Click here.
I don't think I exactly fit the desired profile. Can I still apply?
Yes! If you're not quite up to the 3.75 expectation but have experienced extenuating circumstances, feel free to tell your story in the first narrative. If you exceed the 65-hour typical maximum credit hour standard but still expect to be around for four semesters, tell your story. We've provided guidelines for you to prepare your application portfolio, but the admissions committee will use its professional judgment.







Business Honors Students volunteering for Junior Achievement