Kristie Rogers

Assistant Professor
Primary office:

Academic Area

Organizational Behavior


Ph.D., Arizona State University

MBA, University of New Mexico

B.A., University of New Mexico

Research Interests

  • Respect
  • Identity and Identification
  • Relationships at Work
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Teaching Interests

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Negotiations

Selected Publications

Ashforth, B.E., Schinoff, B.S., & Rogers, K.M. “I identify with her,” “I identify with him”: Unpacking the dynamics of personal identification in organizations. In Press at Academy of Management Review.

Rogers, K.M., & Ashforth, B.E. Respect in organizations: Feeling valued as “we” and “me.” In Press at Journal of Management.

Ashforth, B.E., Rogers, K.M., Pratt, M.G., & Pradies, C. 2014. Ambivalence in organizations.  Organization Science, 25: 1453-1478.

Schinoff, B.S., Rogers, K.M., & Corley, K.G. How do we communicate who we are? Examining how organizational identity is conveyed to members. Forthcoming in Pratt, M.G., M. Schultz, B.E. Ashforth, & D. Ravasi (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Identity. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Rogers, K.M., Toubiana, M., & Decelles, K.A. Drawing fine lines behind bars: Pushing the boundaries of interviewer objectivity. Forthcoming in K.D. Elsbach & R.M. Kramer (Eds.), Handbook of innovative qualitative research methods: Pathways to cool ideas and interesting papers. New York: Taylor & Francis.

Ashforth, B.E., & Rogers, K.M. 2012. Is the employee-organization relationship misspecified? The centrality of tribes in experiencing the organization. In J.A.-M. Coyle-Shapiro, L.M. Shore, & L.E. Tetrick (Eds.), The employee-organization relationship: Applications for the 21st century: 23-53. Philadelphia: Taylor & Francis.

Ashforth, B.E., Rogers, K.M., & Corley, K.G. 2011. Identity in organizations: Exploring cross-level dynamics. Organization Science, 22: 1144-1156.