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School of Business Mentorship Program

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” — J. Loren Norris

Program Overview

The School of Business Mentorship Program is designed to bring together students and professionals that share common professional interests. This mentoring relationship will enable business students to be better supported as they explore varied career opportunities and assist them as they navigate those early years of professional life. This is a wonderful opportunity to become involved and give back to the KU business community. 

What is Mentoring?

Most individuals can think of people in their lives, more experienced than themselves, who taught them something new or simply expressed an interest in their development as a person and professional. They helped them negotiate an uphill path or find an entirely new path to a goal in their academic, career or personal lives. They pointed out talents that individuals hadn't noticed in themselves and stimulated ideas about what they might be able to accomplish. They nudged them when they needed a nudge, challenged them, and asked the hard questions. While they may not have been called mentors, these individuals played an important role in facilitating career growth, and the School of Business Mentorship Program offers an engaging opportunity for professionals to contribute to the professional development of a KU Business student. Overall, an effective mentorship can provide career assistance to mentees by enhancing a sense of professional competence and career identity.

It is hard to provide a formal definition of mentoring since it can take on a variety of formats and serve a variety of purposes.  However, below are a couple definitions that seem to align well with the basic goals of this program:

Mentoring is the pairing of an individual (mentor) who has expert knowledge or skill with someone (mentee) desiring to gain that knowledge or skill in order to further develop professional expertise.

--Michael Zey, The Mentor Connection

Mentoring begins when a person strategically affects the professional life of someone else by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge and expanding the other person’s horizons.

--Larry Ambrose, Mentor’s Companion

Above all, mentoring begins from a place of care, and it plays a crucial role in the career development of KU Business students. By acting as a resource in which students can ask questions regarding career paths and industry information, mentors can help provide students with the confidence and knowledge to make informed professional decisions.  

Program Questions

Any questions regarding the KU School of Business Mentorship Program can be directed to Ashley Kruger at or 785-864-5590.

Mentee Handbook

View the Mentee Handbook (.PDF) below: 

Mentor Handbook

View the Mentor Handbook (.PDF) below: