Volleyball vs. UMKC
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
Labor Day - Campus closed
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
2015 Party on the Patio Alumni Event
Sep. 05, 09:00 am
2015 Party on the Patio Alumni Event
Sep. 05, 09:00 am
Jayhawk Day
Sep. 05, 09:00 am

Labor Day - no classes
Sep. 07, 12:00 am
Fall Break Begins
Oct. 10, 12:00 am
Classes Resume
Oct. 14, 12:00 am
Emerging Leaders Academy Graduation
Jan. 29, 03:00 pm

Volleyball vs. UMKC
Sep. 05, 12:00 am
Football vs South Dakota State
Sep. 05, 11:00 am
Football vs. South Dakota St.
Sep. 05, 11:00 am
Volleyball vs UMKC
Sep. 05, 04:00 pm
Soccer vs Oregon State
Sep. 06, 07:00 pm

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Previous/Current Projects

  • Worked with several call centers in the analysis of performance data for the agents who deal with customers. The numbers of agents in each call center have ranged from 30 to 100. Each agent has up to 30 performance variables recorded daily. The purpose of the analysis was to use the performance data to classify agents into homogenous groups based upon their performance and by comparing the differences among the groups to improve the overall performance of the agents in the call center.
  • Worked with businesses to develop methods to forecast important characteristics. We have experience in the forecasting of complex business and economic time series data.
  • Worked with Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ, in developing software (in Matlab®) for constructing and deploying expert systems for missile defense using the Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions. The software produced, called Belief Function Machine, can be freely downloaded.
  • Assisted clients by utilizing economic value added (EVA) approaches to determine pricing levels for products with innovative new features.
  • Worked with companies with spatial data to forecast demand and assist with retail site selection.
  • Analyzed historical sales force data to set sales quotas that are both motivating and cost-effective.
  • Worked with a broadcast television company to identify when the inventory of commercial times should be sold given the pricing and the show performance uncertainties. Also, developed algorithms to schedule commercials as per client requirements, resulting in an application for Unites States Patent.
  • Worked with the network-planning group of a major U.S. airline to analyze the network delay propagation, and to develop a parsimonious model that is computationally very fast. Also, constructed algorithms that optimize the block-time allocation for given target scheduled on-time probabilities for each flight in the network. This analysis showed that this particular U.S. airline’s total network delays could be significantly reduced without increasing the block-time budget.
  • Currently working with The University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, KS, in analyzing their patient satisfaction data (85 attributes and 18,809 instances collected over four years). The main question is what can KU Hospital do to improve its overall patient satisfaction scores.
  • Working with AIG, Inc., New York, NY, on predicting the closing of 10b-5 securities class action cases.
  • Working with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., Sunnyvale, CA, on a principled way of fusing multi-sensor information using valuation-based systems.