Professional Attire

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Men and Women:  Business professional attire means a suit!  The suit should be navy, dark gray, or black.   Pinstripes are acceptable.  The shirt should be starched, clean, and unwrinkled.  Shoes should be in good shape and polished.  Dress shoes only.

Men:  Ties should be conservative and not flashy.  Socks should cover the calf when seated and be a dark color to match your suit.

Women:  Make sure skirts are at least knee length.  Women should always wear hosiery, and closed-toed shoes with heels.  Extremely high fashion heels should be avoided.  Tight shirts or ones that reveal cleavage should also be avoided.  Excessive, clunky, dangly, or non-conservative jewelry should be avoided.


Business casual is not synonymous with loungewear.   Your clothing should be clean, crisp, and fit you properly.  If you would wear it to the beach, a dance club, the gym, a sporting event, a cocktail party, or a picnic, don’t even think about it.  If you’ve seen it on TV, chances are it isn’t appropriate for a business event.  Business casual is a classic look, not a trendy one.

Keep your cleavage to yourself and leave your athletic shoes at home!  No tank tops, belly shirts, flip flops, cargo pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, etc.  You should not be able to walk on the hems of your pant legs and the waist of your pants needs to ride at the natural waist. 

Men:  Button-down shirts and dark or khaki-colored dress pants are recommended. Solid-colored v-neck or crew neck sweaters are appropriate in cold weather.  Avoid shirts with loud prints.  Sport coats and blazers can be worn.  Belts and shoes should match and be polished and professional-looking.  Socks should be understated and dark in color and should be high enough to cover the leg when seated. 

Women:  Business skirts should be worn with matching blouses in solid colors or conservative prints.  Professional slacks are also appropriate and can be coupled with a blazer.  Larger casual jewelry can be worn as long as it is still conservative and does not overpower the appearance.  Hosiery should be of a neutral color or slightly darker.  Hosiery should always be worn with skirts.  Flats or low heels are appropriate (closed toe and heel).  Shoes should have no scuffs or tears and should be polished to look in excellent condition.


Men:  Khakis and nice jeans are acceptable, as well as any other basic colored slacks.  Polo, golf, and short sleeved cotton dress shirts can be worn.  Jeans and fleece materials should be avoided.  Loud colors and prints are not acceptable.  Clothing should always be clean and pressed or starched.  Shorts should be avoided.  Casual loafers are allowed but should be cleaned and polished and match the outfit well.  Tennis shoes and hiking boots should not be worn.

Women:  Casual skirts are appropriate but should not be too short.  Tailored slacks and blouses are acceptable.  Khakis and nice jeans, as well as any other basic colored slacks, are okay.  Colors should remain conservative.  Attractive belts, coordinates, accessories, and jewelry can be worn.  Shoes should be in new condition and hose or appropriate dress socks should be worn.  

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