Program Overview


First Year

BLP students are required to enroll in the following classes:

BUS 200 Business Leadership seminar 

Students  enroll in BUS 200 in the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters. The course provides structured opportunities to engage students in active career and major exploration, promote leadership development, and build professional skills. The class is held for one hour a week and additional out-of-class activities are  required.

Sample schedule of activities (subject to change):

  • Career education and skills
  • Networking events
  • Company visit
  • Etiquette dinner
  • Alumni panel
  • Current business student panel
  • Professionalism and professional speaking seminars
  • Student-driven community service project
  • Strengths assessment and interpretation

ACCT 200 Financial Accounting I

Students in the Business Leadership Program will enroll in a common lab section of ACCT 200 in the fall 2014 semester. ACCT 200 is a required course for a degree in business.  Prerequisite: MATH 101 (College Algebra) or a score of 26 or higher on the ACT Math section.

Second Year

The Business Leadership Program will extend into the students' second year at KU in the form of suggested activities and events to help students capitalize on areas of strength and focus on opportunities for growth. These areas include, but are not limited to: leadership development, networking, career knowledge, involvement, time management and balance, professional skills, and cultural/global awareness. Students will further engage in major and career development by participating in activities such as: career roundtables, major roundtables, Business career fair, industry nights, Jayhawks on the Job, company visits, and guest speaker special engagements. Students are required to complete a minimum number of components to remain involved in the program and retain their admission status. The sophomore year experience culminates with a leadership portfolio, designed to highlight each student’s learning and achievements.   Additionally, students will be paired with a professional mentor.

Program requirements

  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher KU Overall and KU Professional GPA
  • Successfully complete BUS 200 each semester (must earn C or better)
  • Complete a minimum number of Business Leadership Program second-year activities each semester
  • Show adequate progress through the business curriculum by completing the six Foundation courses by the end of the fourth semester at KU (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for dual-school students)
  • Fully participate in the Business Leadership Program for the duration of their first two years at KU. Students who do not meet minimum program requirements will forfeit participation in the Business Leadership Program and any related scholarships. Additionally, students who change to a non-business major, are dismissed from the business school, or leave KU on their own accord will no longer be affiliated with the program.

Contact Business Leadership Program

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact us via email at Questions by phone should be directed to 785-864-7500.