Tips On A Successful Dine & Dish

  1. If you don't feel completely confident going to lunch one-on-one with your professor, grab one or two friends in the class (even in another section) to go with you. That way you all have some rapport, and if there's a break in the conversation, having others there takes the pressure off of you to fill them. 
  2. Choose somewhere quieter on campus to eat. If you're all crammed into the Underground during rush hour, there's not much of a chance you'll even find somewhere to sit, let alone be able to have a good conversation. 
  3. You definitely don't have to bring conversation cards, but if you and your friends want to write down some questions you'd like to ask your professor, you can not only make a joke out of it but have some great discussion as well. 
  4. Remember your professor is human and was a student just like you once. Ask for advice, share experiences, and you'll often be surprised at how awesome most of the KU professors actually are. 
  5. Respect everyone's time. Schedule a time that works for everyone and make sure that if it goes longer than expected, everyone is ok with that. Don't watch the clock every 5 seconds, but be aware that your professor is on a schedule just like you. 
  6. Return receipt of meal and dining card to the Business Advising Office in 206 Summerfield Hall.