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Tuition & Scholarships

For more information about the potential costs of attending the University of Kansas School of Business, please refer to the link below.

2012-2013 Tuition & Fees

Course Fees (Differential Tuition)

The cost of attendance is taken very seriously throughout the University of Kansas. The School of Business is one of a number of schools where students are charged both a base tuition and what is called course fees or differential tuition. Base tuition is determined at the state and university level. Subject to approval by the University and Board of Regents, schools may charge course fees and all funds from those fees directly benefit the students in the respective school.

Fees charged for School of Business courses are a result of a student-driven initiative to enhance the quality of a KU business education. It is an investment that students chose to make and the School of Business is executing the students' plan.

Current Year's Information


The School of Business is supporting the Changing for Excellence and Bold Aspirations plans currently underway at the university. To support these plans our undergraduate endowment scholarships are supporting the 4 year renewable scholarships. For more information, please visit the hyperlinks and also the Enrollment Management website.

Additional Financial Aid Options

  • The Multicultural Business Scholars Program provides scholarship assistance for qualified freshmen, sophomores and community college transfers
  • The Business Leadership Program provides a scholarship for freshman students that qualify and are selected through the application process 
  • The Undergraduate Business Council supports students studying abroad scholarship
  • Tortoise Capital Scholarship

For more information about grants, loans and other need-based financial aid, contact Financial Aid and Scholarships.

If you have questions, please contact Polly Beatty at 785-864-7525.