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Doctor of Philosophy in Business

Graduate Program - Business Students
Full-time Program

Faculty/Student Collaboration

Clients' Workplace Environment and Corporate Audits

Adi Masli, Felix Meschke, Jim Guthrie, Minjie Huang

Academic area(s): Accounting /  Finance /  Human Resources

Our study shows that organizational workplace environments affect auditor risk assessments and auditing outcomes and provide insights for practicing auditors and corporate executives.

Faculty and Current Students

The School has a highly motivated and qualified cadre of professors with interdisciplinary research orientation. Most of our faculty have Ph.D.’s from the top U.S. research universities. Some of our graduates have been placed at leading business schools such as Cornell, Duke, Ohio State, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin-Madison.  We have also placed students at schools with more of an emphasis on teaching, such as the University of New Hampshire, Marquette University, and Wichita State University.

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