Faculty lunch request form

Connect with School of Business faculty

Many recruiting organizations are interested in developing relationships with the KU School of Business faculty as a means to strengthen their campus presence. Business Career Services can assist with coordinating lunch arrangements. Recruiting groups wishing to host a faculty lunch must complete the form below. We cannot guarantee the availability of specific faculty members but will make efforts to accommodate your requests.​

Business Career Services will:

  • Secure space for the lunch: Several conference rooms in Capitol Federal Hall are available, although space is limited. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend requesting your faculty lunch at least several weeks before your scheduled recruiting date. Requests not made within the recommended timeframe cannot be guaranteed.
  • Provide complimentary beverages: Available refreshments include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and bottled water.
  • Make arrangements with faculty to dine with your group: Our faculty members are eager to interact with recruiting organizations. View the School of Business directory, which can be filtered by academic area.

The recruiting organization responsibilities:

  • Ordering and purchasing lunch: Below is a list of recommended catering options.

  • We recommend ordering a variety of boxed lunches or sandwich trays. We ask that you please include vegetarian options with your order.
  • Arrange for delivery: Our street address is below. All lunches can be delivered to Business Career Services. We recommend you arrange for lunch to be delivered 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lunch break.
    • Business Career Services
      1130 Capitol Federal Hall
      1654 Naismith Drive
      Lawrence, KS 66045