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Amin Attari

(PhD 2018)
Initial Placement: NEOMA Business School
Dissertation: "Two Essays on Consumer Judgment and Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty," Chairperson: Suren Singh

Marija Grishin

(PhD 2018)
Initial Placement: University College Dublin
Dissertation: "Communications and Health: The Role of Impression Management Concerns and Food Associations on Food Choice," Chairpersons: Suren SIngh & Jessica Li

Frank Cabano

(PhD 2018)
Initial Placement: University of Texas at El Paso
Dissertation: "Social Identity-Based Barriers to Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior," Chairpersons: Jim Guthrie & Noelle Nelson

Samer Sarofim

(PhD 2016)
Initial Placement: University of South Dakota
DissertatioN: "When I Believe, I Am Biased: Two Essays on When and How Consumer Beliefs Lead to Judgment Bias," Chairpersons: Suren Singh & Promothesh Chatterjee

Minghui Ma

(PhD 2015)
Initial Placement: Appalachian State University
Dissertation: "Two Essays on the Compensation of Marketing Agents" Chairperson: KIssan Joseph

Priyam Rangan

(PhD 2014)
Initial Placement: SUNY: Brockport
Dissertation: Impact of Death-Related Television Programming on Advertising Evaluation"
Chairperson: Surendra Singh

Duane Myer

(PhD 2013)
Initial Placement: Pepperdine University
Dissertation: "Essays on the Reaction of Financial Markets to Two Marketing Investments: Sports Sponsorships and Sales Force Sizing," Chairperson: Kissan Joseph

Jungsil Choi

(PhD 2013)
Initial Placement: Cleveland State University
Dissertation: "Revisiting Positive and Negative Charity Appeal Effectiveness: Moderation Effect of Color and Victim-type," Chairperson: Surendra Singh

Zelin Zhang

(PhD 2012)
Initial Placement: Renmin University
Dissertation: "Design and Pricing of Probilistic Quality," Chairperson: Kissan Joseph

Pronobesh Banerjee

(PhD 2011)
Initial Placement: Winston Salem State University
Current Placement: Penn State - Abington
Dissertation: "Impact Of Self And Temporal Construal On Brand Categorization And Extension Evaluation," Chairperson: Sanjay Mishra

Ze Wang

(PhD 2010)
Initial Placement: University of Central Florida
Dissertation: "Impact of Cultural Differences in Affect Valuation on Customer Decision Making,"
Chairperson: Surendra Singh

Beom Joon Choi

(PhD 2007)
Initial Placement: California State University, Sacramento
Dissertation: “Essays on Mail-In Rebates,” Chairperson: Kissan Joseph

Anurag Pant

(PhD 2006)
Assistant Professor, Indiana University, South Bend
Initial Placement: University of Kansas
Dissertation: “Multimedia Effects on Memory: Exploring the Visual Channel Load Explanation for the Redundancy Effect,” Chairpersons: Sanjay Mishra & Surendra Singh

Vivek Himmat Patil

(PhD 2006)
Initial Placement: Gonzaga University
Dissertation: “Appeals with Negative Emotions and Strategies to Reduce Resistance to Persuasion: An Application in the Context of Charitable Solicitations,”
Chairperson: Surendra Singh

Xiang Fang

(PhD 2004)
Initial Placement: Oklahoma State University
Dissertation: “Two Essays on Communication Effects of Internet Advertising”, Chairpersons: Surendra Singh and Rohini Ahluwalia

Fred Guzek

(PhD 2003)
Professor, Kansas State University at Salina
Initial Placement: Kansas State University at Salina
Dissertation: “Understanding the Value of Marketing Communications by a Regulated, Monopoly Firm” Chairperson: Kissan Joseph

Dongwook Kim

(PhD 1998)
Initial Placement: University of Arkansas
Dissertation: “The Effects of Syntactic Complexity and Information Processing Motivation on the Effectiveness of Advertising Measures for Young and Older Adults”, Chairpersons: Sanjay Mishra and Surendra Singh

Sanghoon Lee

(PhD 1996)
Initial Placement: Joong-Ang University
Dissertation: “The Effects of Pleasant Scents on Consumer Memory and Evaluations”, Chairpersons: Surendra Singh and Sanjay Mishra

Karen V. Fernandez

(PhD 1995)
University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Initial Placement: University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Dissertation: "Information Processing in Directional Media: The Effectiveness of Selected Advertising Executional Cues in the Yellow Pages", Chairperson: Dennis Rosen

Neeli Bendapudi

(PhD, 1994)
Dean, University of Kansas
Assistant Professor of Marketing, FisherCollege of Business, Ohio State University
Initial Placement: Texas A&M
Dissertation: "The Use of Heuristics in Service Evaluations", Chairperson: Surendra Singh

John Murry

(PhD 1988)
Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Iowa
Initial Placement: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Dissertation: "The Context Induced Affect: The Tempering Influence of Sequencing and Involvement", Chairperson: Surenndra Singh and John Lastovicka

Roberto Friedman

(PhD 1986)
Associate Professor of Marketing, Director of International Business Programs, University of Georgia
Initial Placement: University of Georgia
Dissertation: "A Framework of Psychological Meaning of Product", Chairperson: V. Parker Lessig

Erich A. Joachimsthaler

(PhD 1985)
Vivaldi Partners
Initial Placement: University of Houston
Dissertation: "LP-Norm Estimation in Discriminant Analysis", Chairperson: John Lastovicka and Kenneth Cogger

Gaurav Bhalla

(PhD 1985)
Initial Placement: Burk Marketing Research
Dissertation: “Symbolism and Consumer Involvement”, Chairperson: John Lastovicka

Vinod K. Thukral

(PhD 1983)
Clinical Professor, Tulane University Medical Center
Initial Placement: Tulane University
Dissertation: "Cognitive Strain as Cause of Negative Bias", Co-Chairpersons: V. Parker Lessig and C. Whan Park

James Merrill

(PhD 1982)
Initial Placement: Indiana University
Dissertation: “Toward the Theory of Market Segments”, Chairperson: Parker Lessig

Chandra Chaterji

(PhD 1980)
Dissertation: “Perceived Risk as Influenced by Reference Group Functions in Selecting Brands: An Exploratory Study”, Chairperson: Parker Lessig

V. Parker Lessig

(PhD 1970)
Frank S. Pinet Distinguished Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program, University of Kansas
Initial Placement: Washington State University
Dissertation: "Numerical Taxonomy in Market Segment Identification: A Process Theory Approach", Chairperson: John O. Tollefson KU School of Business Faculty Page

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