Center for Business Ethics

The Center for Business Ethics supports the overall mission of the KU School of Business: to advance and impart business knowledge and prepare students to be leaders who positively contribute to business and society.

The center's mission has evolved throughout the school's history, beginning as the International Center for Ethics in Business in 1991 with a focus on research about the international dimensions of business ethics.

Today the Center for Business Ethics aims to identify relevant and critical business topics and offer programming that promotes ethical conduct and integrity to actively engage KU School of Business students as they prepare for their careers.

Keith Darcy, an independent senior adviser to Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Enterprise Compliance Services practice, delivers the 2018 Sutton Lecture.
Keith Darcy, an independent senior adviser to Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Enterprise Compliance Services practice, delivers the 2018 Sutton Lecture.

Walter S. Sutton Lecture Series

The Walter S. Sutton Lecture Series is produced by the Center for Business Ethics. The series began in 1993 and was made possible by Betsey G. Sutton in memory of her husband, Walter Sutton, a 1939 School of Business alumnus, in honor of his lifelong dedication to ethical business practices.

Each year this lecture series highlights the importance of ethics and value systems in business.

2021 Walter S. Sutton Lecture: Ethical Leadership for the 21st Century
featuring Cynthia Cooper

7 p.m. Nov. 10
Dicus Family Auditorium, 1111 Capitol Federal Hall
Register to attend.

Since the first lecture in 1993, the Sutton Lecture Series has brought the following distinguished individuals to the University of Kansas:

1993 – William S. Kanaga, Chairman, Center for International Private Enterprise

1994 – Hal T. Hansen, Chairman, Cargill Investor Services; chairman, National Futures Association

1997 – James Buchanan, Nobel Laureate in economic sciences

1998 – Michael Novak, Director of Social and Political Studies, American Enterprise Institute

1999 – John Brooks Slaughter, President, Occidental College; chairman, National Science Foundation

2001 – Albert M. Erisman, Director of Mathematics and Computing Technology, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company

2002– Mary Faith Marshall, Professor of Medicine and Bioethics, University of Kansas Medical Center

2003 – Terence E. Downer, retired international executive, Johnson & Johnson

2004 – James Webb, Secretary of the Navy

2005 – Klaus M. Leisinger, President and CEO Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

2006 – Robert Herndon, Special agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

2007 – Peter Eigen, Founder and chairman of the Advisory Council for Transparency International

2008 – Ray Anderson, leading environmental entrepreneur

2009 – Daniel Arneman, Asheen Phansey, Kevin Stack, panel of experts who delivered presentation entitled "Sustainable Business: Innovation and Design Inspired by Nature"

2010 – Kathleen Edmond, Best Buy Chief Ethics Officer

2011 – Carol Hallquist, Vice President, Hallmark Cards

2012 – Patricia Werhane, Philosophy Professor, DePaul University

2013 – Roger W. Ferguson Jr., President and CEO, TIAA-CREF

2014 – Harry Markopolos, Bernie Madoff whistleblower

2016 – Gen. David G. Perkins, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

2018 – Keith Darcy, Independent Senior Advisor, Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Enterprise Compliance Services practice

2019 – Jessica Li, Associate Professor of Marketing, KU School of Business