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The class I want/need is full - what do I do?
You can submit a petition at business.ku.edu/petition. Some courses petitions will be automatically denied. Speak with an academic advisor for questions about this. You will be accommodated based on availability, room size and seniority. You must allow up to 2 business days for processing. If you have additional questions about the petition process, please contact Polly Beatty at pbeatty@ku.edu.
What happens if I get an F in DSCI 202 and/or one of my GPAs falls below a 2.5 in the semester I apply to the Bschool? (for competitive admits only)
Your admission is conditional upon completion of all of the pre-business courses and meeting the minimum GPA requirement (2.5). If you receive an F on any pre-business courses and/or any of your GPAs fall below 2.5, your admission to the KU School of Business will be revoked and you will be administratively dropped from all restricted business courses.
How do I change my major?
You may only (officially) change your major in the Student & Academic Services Office (1160 Capitol Federal Hall).
I am not sure about my major. What do I do?
Business Career Services (BCS) offers interest assessments (specifically for business majors), exploratory events (i.e. Supply Chain Management industry night, panel discussion with accountants), and career counseling for students majoring in business. You may also discuss major options with your academic advisor. Many students juggle or identify majors while taking the pre-admission and core business courses. The courses BUS 101 and ACCT 303 are designed to allow further exploration of the business majors, but these are typically completed during the freshman or sophomore years of the program.
When should I come in for a Graduation Check?
Graduation checks should be completed one semester prior to your actual graduation time (e.g. if you are graduating spring 2019, you should come in during fall 2018). Graduation checks typically take 30 minutes to complete, so please set up an appointment with your academic advisor. Graduation checks cannot be completed on a drop-by basis. Make sure to have all non-KU credit transferred into KU prior to the grad check.
How should I go about getting internship credit?
BUS 300 (Internship in Business) is available for 1-3 credit hours, depending on the number of hours you work. This counts towards Junior/Senior elective credit only. To learn more about BUS 300, go to https://business.ku.edu/internships. You will need to gain approval PRIOR to the start of your internship. Please note that Accounting internships are approved through a different process but the information is found on the same page in the above link. It is not required that you complete an internship for credit. Internships not for credit are also strongly encouraged. For assistance in securing an internship, please contact the Business Career Services.
I transferred a business course from another institution and it is not fulfilling any requirements. What do I do?
Courses that transfer to the university, but show up on your DPR checklist as ACCT U, MKTG U, etc., are transferring as elective credit hours. If you believe a transfer course may satisfy a requirement for your major, go to www.business.ku.edu/transfercreditsubstitution
I need help with my resume. Who can I talk to?
Please contact Business Career Services (BCS) (CFH 1130) for information about resume resources and scheduled events, 785-864-5591..
I need a Dean's Stamp from the School of Business on a form. Where do I go for this?
Dean's stamps required from the School of Business can be administered by School of Business advisors. If you have a situation where you need a Dean's stamp from the School of Business, you may see an advisor by appointment, or, if it is a current semester issue, you may be eligible to see an advisor on a drop-by basis. It is always good to call ahead to see what is best in your particular situation. 785-864-7500.
What GPA do I need to graduate?
You will need to have a major GPA of 2.5 or higher for all majors, except Business Administration which requires a 2.2. All other GPAs (overall, professional, KU overall, and KU professional) must be a 2.2 or higher to graduate.
I'm trying to enroll in a class and Enroll & Pay says I do not have the pre-requisites, but I took them at another school. What do I do?
If you took course pre-requisites from a different school, you will need to fill out the online petition form as Enroll & Pay cannot always read pre-requisites taken at other schools. The form is located at www.business.ku.edu/petition
I took a course at another school/college/university and I need to transfer it to KU. How do I do this?
If you took a course from a different school/college/university and you need to transfer it, you must officially request a transcript to be sent FROM that school/college/university TO the Office of Admissions and Scholarships housed in the KU Visitor's Center. If you can send the official transcript via email, send to processing@ku.edu
I took a business course at another college but it is not transferring in to fulfill a required business class. What do I do?
In order to have unapproved courses fulfill required course work, you need to obtain the syllabus for that course and upload it to www.business.ku.edu/transfercreditevaluation. The syllabus will be reviewed and approved or denied by business faculty. This process can take several weeks. For further questions/clarification on this process please contact the Student and Academic Services office (CFH 1160) 785-864-7500.
Can I take business courses credit/no-credit?
No, you cannot take ANY business courses (or Econ 142 and 144) for credit/no-credit. You will have to take them for a grade. You can take other general education requirements for credit/no-credit. There is a two-week window of opportunity to sign up for the credit/no-credit option during the fall and spring semesters. For more information, please ask your advisor.
Can I co-enroll in Bcore 310 classes and MGMT 498?
No. You cannot co-enroll in a Bcore 310 classes (FIN 310, MGMT 310, MKTG 310, or SCM 310) and MGMT 498. This is a strict pre-requisite. Work closely with your academic advisor to ensure that you plan your schedule accordingly.
I met with an Academic Advisor, but I forgot what we talked about. How can I find that information?
All advising notes are located in the MyKU portal in the academics tab under the Shared Advising Notes on the left side of the page. Click on the date to expand the note.
When should I study abroad?
Your unique situation will determine when it is best for you to study abroad. If you’re considering studying abroad, meet with an academic advisor as soon as possible.
Will I receive grades for the classes I take while abroad?
Yes, and your grades will be figured into your KU Overall (and KU Professional if applicable) GPA.
Are there scholarships available to study abroad?
Yes, there is scholarship money available to study abroad, but it is not guaranteed to all students. For further information on scholarships for study abroad from the Bschool, go to https://business.ku.edu/scholarships-study-abroad.

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