Supply Chain Management program guide

NOTE: Students may need to take unrestricted electives in order to reach 120 credit hours for graduation. Students may double count one class for major and minor requirements. Seniors are required to meet with an Academic Advisor for an official graduation check.

**Indicates required course for freshmen admitted to the School of Business beginning fall 2020, and for all current and transfer students beginning fall 2022.

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Updated: April 2020

Supply Chain Management Program Guide

Bachelors of Science in Business (BSB): Supply Chain Management Program Guide  
KU core ( (17-32 hours)
 Goal 1.1: Critical Thinking (BLAW 301)
 Goal 1.2 : Quantitative Literacy (MATH 115)
 Goal 2.1: Written Comm. (ENGL 101)
 Goal 2.2 : Oral Comm. (COMS 322)
 Goal 3H: Arts and Humanities
 Goal 3S: Social Science (PSYC 104)
 Goal 3N: Natural Science
 Goal 4.1: Diversity of Human Experience
 Goal 4.2: Global Perspectives
 Goal 5:Social Responsibility and Ethics
 Goal 6: Integration & Creativity (MGMT 498)
General Education for BSB (11-12 hours)
 COMS 322: Public Speaking in the Workplace
 PSYC 104: General Psychology
 MATH 115: Calculus I
 LAB Science: Laboratory/Field Experience


Business Foundations (16 hours)
 ACCT 200: Financial Accounting
 BSAN 202: Statistics
 BUS 150: Foundations of Business**
 ECON 142: Prin. of Microeconomics
 ECON 144: Prin. of Macroeconomics
Business Core (30 hours)
 ACCT 201: Managerial Accounting I
 BE 301: Managerial Economics
 BLAW 301: Business Law
 BSAN 310: Intro to Business Analytics
 BUS 305: Business Communications
 FIN 310: Finance
 IST 310: Intro to Info. & Mgmt. Productivity Sys.
 MGMT 310: Principles of Management
 MKTG 310: Marketing
 SCM 310: Supply Chain Management
International Dimension Requirement (IDR)
 Select ONE of the three options (0-20 hours)
 Option 1: Two classes from approved IDR list
 Option 2: Study abroad program (min. 6 hours)
 Option 3: Foreign Language Prof. (4 semesters)


Business Capstone (3 hours)
 MGMT 498: Business Policy and Strategy
Professionalism Series (6 hours)
 BUS 110: Introduction to Professionalism**
 BUS 120: Emerging Topics in Business**
 BUS 210: Career Management and Planning**
 BUS 230: Intro. to Professions**
 BUS 310: Internship**
 BUS 410: Professionalism Capstone**
SCM - Major Requirements (21 hours)
 SCM 401: Intro. To Supply Chain Management
 SCM 402: Procurement & Supplier Mgmt. 
 SCM 403: Logistics, Transport, & Warehouse Mgmt. 
 SCM 404: Mgmt. of Integrated Info. Systems/ERP
 SCM elective: SCM 400+, MKTG 465, or MKTG 450
 SCM elective: SCM 400+, MKTG 465, or MKTG 450
 SCM elective: SCM 400+, MKTG 465, or MKTG 450
Graduation Requirements:
 120 total hours
 30 residency hours
 45 JR/SR hours (300 +)
 2.5 overall GPA
 2.5 KU overall GPA
 2.5 Professional GPA
 2.5 KU Professional GPA
 2.5 Business Major GPA

Supply Chain Management sample 4-year plan
Supply Chain Management sample 4-year plan
Freshman - year 1
ENGL 101Composition (KUcore 2.1)3
MATH 101College Algebra(KUcore 1.2)3
ACCT 200Financial Accounting4
BUS 150Foundations of Business3
BUS 110Intro. To Professionalism1
Total 14
KUcore 3HArts and Humanities3
PSYC 104General Psychology (KUcore 3S)3
MATH 115Calculus 13
BUS 120Emerging Topics in Business1
ACCT 201Managerial Accounting 13
ECON 142Prin of Microeconomics3
Total 16
Sophomore - year 2
BSAN 202Statistics3
ECON 144Principles of Macroeconomics3
KUcore 3NNatural Science and Lab5
IST 310Intro. to Info and Mgmt. Productivity Systems3
BUS 210*Career Mgmt. & Planning1
Total 15
SCM 310Supply Chain Management3
MKTG 310Marketing3
SCM 230*Intro. to BSAN, IST, & SCM Professions1
FIN 310Finance3
COMS 322Public Speaking in the workplace (KUcore 2.2)3
BUS 305Business Writing (KUcore 2.1)3
Total 16
Junior - year 3
BSAN 310Intro. To Business Analytics3
SCM 401*Intro. To Supply Chain Mgmt3
SCM 404*Mgmt. of Integrated Info. Systems/ERP3
BE 301Managerial Economics3
KUcore 4.1Diversity of Human Experience 3
Total 15
BLAW 301Business Law (KUcore 1.1)3
MGMT 310Management3
SCM 402*Procurement & Supplier Mgmt3
SCM 403*Logistics, Transport. & Warehouse Mgmt.3
KUcore 4.2Global Perspectives3
Total 15
BUS 310*Internship1
Senior - year 4
SCM elect.*

select from: SCM 400, 410, 415, 416, 418, 425, 453, 500, MKTG 465, MKTG 450

SCM elect.*

select from: SCM 400, 410, 415, 416, 418, 425, 453, 500, MKTG 465, MKTG 450

KUcore 5Social Responsibility & Ethics3
IDRselect from approved IDR list3
electiveunrestricted elective3
Total 15
SCM elect.*

select from: SCM 400, 410, 415, 416, 418, 425, 453, 500, MKTG 465, MKTG 450

electiveunrestricted elective3
BUS 410*Professionalism Capstone1
MGMT 498*Business Policy and Strategy (KUcore 6)3
IDRselect from approved IDR list3
Total 13
Total hours required for graduation120

*class is restricted to students admitted to KU School of Business

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