Robert DeYoung

Robert DeYoung
  • Koch Distinguished Professor in Business Economics
  • Harold Otto Chair of Economics
  • Finance academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2185


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A., Rutgers University-Camden


Research interests:

  • Banking
  • Bank Regulation


Teaching interests:

  • Banking
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Economics

Selected Publications

Deyoung, B. (2015). Risk Overhang and Loan Portfolio Decisions: Small Business Lending Before and During the Financial Crisis. Journal of Finance - Volume 70.
Deyoung, B. (2003). De Novo Bank Exit. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking - Volume 35.
Deyoung, B. (2001). The Information Content of Bank Exam Ratings and Subordinated Debt Prices. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking - Volume 33.
Deyoung, B. (2001). Product Mix and Earnings Volatility at Commercial Banks: Evidence from a Degree of Leverage Model. Journal of Financial Intermediation - Volume 10.
Deyoung, B. (1996). Foreign-Owned Banks in the U.S.: Buying Market Share or Earning It?. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking - Volume 28.