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Through rigorous research agendas, faculty in our Finance academic area have made significant contributions to a broad range of topics within the field and have earned distinguished reputations for their scholarship and their knowledge of financial markets and institutions. Our faculty's research in finance has been recognized by The Financial Times for its significant social impact.

Finance faculty serve on the editorial boards of top scholarly journals and publish in leading journals, and they regularly receive teaching awards. The expertise they bring to the classroom equips our students for successful careers as finance professionals.

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  • Econometrics

  • Corporate finance

  • Financial and legal compliance

  • International finance

  • FinTech

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    Democrats and Republicans Differ as Investors. How to Check Your Bias.

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    Capital Spending Boom Is No Great Boost to Capital Markets

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Crowdsourcing consumer loans can bolster business growth and reduce crime

Imagine being able to borrow money from strangers, but without the potential of getting your thumbs broken if you miss a payment. That’s (sort of) the concept behind peer-to-peer lending.
Fund manager speaks to couple

Fund managers’ political bias can cost investors, study shows

In addition to their tendencies to be biased toward companies located very close to them, a new paper by University of Kansas researchers finds mutual fund managers tend to favor the stocks of companies whose executives share their political leanings.
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Study finds noncompete clauses affect how employees behave, to benefit of employers

A University of Kansas professor has co-written a study that found noncompete clauses do in fact influence how employees behave, and that behavior is to the benefit of employers.
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Second-career mutual fund managers can use their previous expertise well

When mutual fund managers are armed with expertise from previous careers outside the financial sector, they can use that information to generate an investment advantage, according to a study led by a University of Kansas finance professor.

Area directors

Ted Juhl
Area Director, Finance, O. Maurice Joy Professor
Claire Rosenfeld
Assistant Area Director, Finance, Assistant Teaching Professor

Finance faculty

Christopher Anderson
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Anderson Chandler Professor
Justin Balthrop
Associate Professor
William Bazley
Assistant Professor
Shradha Bindal
Assistant Professor
Keith Chauvin
Associate Professor
Capitol Federal Professor
Capitol Federal Professor
Robert DeYoung
Koch Distinguished Professor in Business Economics, Harold Otto Chair of Economics
Art Hall
Director, Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics, Assistant Teaching Professor
Kurt Krogull
Lecturer, Program Director, Jack Lockton Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management
Felix Meschke
Associate Professor
Atanas Mihov
Associate Professor
Lawrence Morriss Jr.
Professor of the Practice
Kevin Pisciotta
Assistant Professor
Assistant Teaching Professor, Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics
Levi Russell
Assistant Teaching Professor, Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics
Dieter Schrader
Director of Jennett Finance Scholars Program, Lecturer
Brian Staihr
Rob Szarka
Assistant Teaching Professor, Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics
Kelly Welch
Assistant Teaching Professor
Jide Wintoki
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Area Director, Analytics, Information and Operations Management, Capitol Federal Professor