Scott N. Bronson

Scott Bronson
  • Associate Professor
  • Accounting academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 4187


CPA, State of Illinois
Ph.D. in Business (Concentration in Accounting), University of Tennessee, 2006
B.S. in Accounting, Miami University, 1997


Research interests:

  • auditing
  • corporate governance
  • regulation
  • internal control


Teaching interests:

  • auditing
  • data analytics

Selected Publications

Bronson, S. N., Ghosh, A., & Hogan, C. (2017). Audit Fee Differential, Audit Effort and Litigation Risk: An Examination of ADR Firms [Journal Articles]. Contemporary Accounting Research, 34(1), 83–117.
Boland, C., Bronson, S. N., & Hogan, C. (2015). Accelerated Filing Deadlines, Internal Controls and Financial Statement Quality: The Case of Originating Misstatements [Journal Articles]. Accounting Horizons, 29(3), 551–575.
Bronson, S. N., Hogan, C., Johnson, M., & Ramesh, K. (2011). The Unintended Consequences of PCAOB Auditing Standards Nos. 2 and 3 on the Reliability of Preliminary Earnings Releases [Journal Articles]. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 51(1–2), 95–114.
Bronson, S. N., Carcello, J. V., Hollingsworth, C. W., & Neal, T. L. (2009). Are Fully Independent Audit Committees Really Necessary? [Journal Articles]. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 28(4), 265–280.
Bronson, S. N., Carcello, J. V., & Raghunandan, K. (2006). Firm Characteristics and Voluntary Management Reports on Internal Control [Journal Articles]. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 25(2), 25–39.
Bronson, S. N., Carcello, J. V., & Neal, T. L. (2004). Disclosures of Nominating Committee Activities [Journal Articles]. Directors Monthly. Published.