Study abroad opportunities in Latin America

It is recommended that students apply for passports as early as possible if they plan to go abroad during the upcoming academic year given delays in processing at the U.S. State Department. Find more information about applying for a passport on the KU Study Abroad and Global Engagement website.

Semester programs

Universidad ESAN in Lima, Peru

Universidad ESAN

Location: Lima, Peru
When: Academic Year, Fall or Spring
Eligibility: Students with minimum 2.75 GPA. Students wishing to take classes in Spanish should have an intermediate level of Spanish.
Costa Rica

University of Costa Rica

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
When: Academic Year, Fall or Spring
Eligibility: Sophomore through graduate levels with minimum 3.0 GPA and at least 4 semesters of college-level Spanish (or the equivalent). Students with 4 semesters of Spanish are required to enroll in the Early Start Program.
San Andres

Universidad de San Andres

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
When: Fall or Spring
Eligibility: Students with minimum 2.75 GPA, six semesters or the equivalent of college Spanish, and have taken coursework related to intended studies. Exceptions considered after submission of a petition.

Universidad de San Andres offers:

  • MGMT 310, 410, 498

Universidad ESAN offers:

  • BUS 310
  • ENTR 301
  • FIN 410
  • IBUS 462
  • IST 205
  • MKTG 310, 400, 448
  • MGMT 310, 470, 472, 498
  • SCM 310, 401

University of Costa Rica offers:

  • BUS 310
  • MKTG 310, 400


KU students visit a company in Panama

SCM & Logistics in Panama

Locations: Panama City, Colón
When: January
Credits: 3 hours – IBUS 500 or SCM 400. SCM 400 or IBUS 500 may be applied to major requirements more than once if course title is unique. Fulfills half of IDR. All students pay in-state rate for this course.

Funding your study abroad experience

Scholarships are available through the School of Business and KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement.