Study abroad opportunities in Oceania

It is recommended that students apply for passports as early as possible if they plan to go abroad during the upcoming academic year given delays in processing at the U.S. State Department. Find more information about applying for a passport on the KU Study Abroad and Global Engagement website.


The campus of the University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales

Location: Sydney, Australia
When: Fall or Spring
An aerial view of the coast of Wollongong, Australia

University of Wollongong

Location: Wollongong, Australia
When: Fall or Spring

Macquarie University offers:

  • MGMT 305, 310, 400, 410

University of Wollongong offers:

  • MGMT 305, 310, 470

International internships

Sydney, Australia


When: 8 weeks, Summer

Funding your study abroad experience

Scholarships are available through the School of Business and KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement.