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Support our students

Whether you want to share your time and experience as a guest speaker, make a donation to our APM fund or simply to stay in touch, we appreciate your involvement in APM.
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Make a gift that grows 

The easiest way to support the APM program, our networking dinners, class guests, and student involvement is to donate to the APM Fund.

Managing real money and seeing the impact our giving can have resonates and drives our students. Compounding our capital allows your impact to grow over time and sustain APM for decades to come.

Be a guest speaker

One of the most impactful ways to give is by donating your time and attention. Sharing your wisdom, research process, critical thinking lessons, career advice, or a stock pitch may seem like a small interaction, but it can make a huge impact for students.

Class runs every semester, typically on Wednesday evenings. In-person visits are prioritized, but we have capacity for a handful of remote visits each semester. If you'd like to join as a guest or just sit in, please email us.