Admissions requirements for current KU students

1. Apply to the KU School of Business

Current KU students are eligible to apply to the School of Business when they meet the minimum requirements.

Students who meet the following requirements will be admitted to the School of Business:

  • Sophomore standing (30 credit hours)
  • Completion of three pre-admission foundation courses (must be taken for a grade)
    • ACCT 200 – Financial Accounting 1
    • BSAN 202 – Statistics
    • ECON 142 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5+ in all four GPAs: 
    • Overall GPA (all KU and transfer coursework)
    • Overall Professional GPA (all KU and transfer business coursework, including ECON)
    • KU Overall GPA (KU coursework)
    • KU Professional GPA (KU business coursework, including ECON)

2. Apply to undergraduate enrichment programs

Students entering the school through the pre-business pathway are eligible to apply to our undergraduate student enrichment programs:

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