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Learn about tuition at the University of Kansas, as well as School of Business course fees and scholarships.


Estimate your tuition and fees to learn more about the potential costs of attending the University of Kansas School of Business.

An explanation of the course fees included in your tuition estimate can be found below.

Information about grants, loans and other need-based financial aid is available at affordability.ku.edu.

Course fees and scholarships

Base tuition is determined at the state and university level. Subject to approval by the University and Board of Regents, schools may charge course fees (previously called differential tuition) and all funds from those fees directly benefit the students in the respective school. In 2004, the students of the School of Business approved the addition of course fees to enhance the quality of a KU business education.

Consistent with guidelines in the course fee approval process, course fees:

  • Pay for faculty,
  • Provide experiential learning activities,
  • Improve student advising and career services,
  • Provide student assistantships and scholarships.

Course Fee Report as of June 30, 2023 (FYE 2023)

Dean's Advisory Course Fee Committee

A Dean’s advisory committee monitors ongoing course fee collections and expenditures. This committee is responsible for ensuring that fees are adequate to maintain established services and that they are used to enhance students’ experiences and create opportunities. The School of Business Dean's Advisory Course Fee Committee policy describes the scope and operations of the committee.

Course Fee Committee meeting minutes
Mark and Angela Pringle Scholarship

The Professional Selling Program in the School of Business is administering the award process for the Mark and Angela Pringle Scholarship. To assist in building the diverse community that is essential to achieving the university’s stated mission, the Professional Selling Program may select recipients based on criteria that will contribute to the diversity of the student body such as:

  • Underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups; gender and gender expression; sexual orientation; persons with disabilities; high financial need as defined by Pell Grant eligibility; and first-generation college students.
  • Find more information about the requirements and how to apply.

Questions about this award can be sent to Kristen Helling at khelling@ku.edu.

Other School of Business scholarship opportunities

Some undergraduate enrichment programs in the School of Business have associated scholarships, including:

KU scholarship opportunities

Read about KU's renewable institutional scholarships and find application deadlines.