Deans Club

The School of Business Deans Club recognizes annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Collectively, annual donations guide the School of Business’ ability to meet new opportunities, address emerging needs and provide life-changing financial support for our students. Thank you to our dedicated contributors in fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023).


Jared Aistrup

Davin and Mary Anderson

Matthew Anderson


Tim Barton

Ronald and Mary Nell Beatty

Kristin and Chad Bechard

Brett Becker

Tom and Susannah Bene

Mike and Pamela Bengtson

Todd and Mary Benson

James and Vicki Berkley

Jeff and Denise Berkley

Bev Billings

Steve and Carolyn Blazer

William and Anne Blessing

Andrew and Tammy Blossom

Kirt Bocox

Harvey Bodker

Wayne and Patti Boeckman

Ellen and Dan Bolen

Ron and Pamela Borchardt

Jardon Bouska

Jack and Anne Bowling

Jeanne and Joe Brandmeyer

John and Bridget Brandmeyer

Frank and Angie Braun

Pamela Breuckmann

William and Mary Breunig

Jerry Briggs

Tjeerd Brink


Tony and Catherine Campbell

Kris and Frank Cappo

Steve Caruthers

Eric and Becky Chadwick

Keith and Terri Chauvin

James and Jen Clarke

Howard and Debbi Cohen

Adam Collyer

Robert Covell

Barbara Cuite

Cathy Curless

Theodore Curry


Allan and Nora Davis

Pat Davis

Roger and Julie Davis

Pat and Jacquelyn Daylor

Marc Delametter

John and Brenda Dicus

Dave and Dee Dillon

Gerry and Carrie Dixon

Bill and Judy Docking

Gary Duddridge

David and Natalie Dummermuth


Mike Engle

Mike and Katherine Ettredge

Ray and Sarah Evans


Linda and Michael Falk

Guy Farrar

Sally Fessler and David Kirkpatrick

James Finch

Keith and Kathie Finger

Bob and Jan FitzSimmons

Rich Flaherty

Jeffrey Flora and Nancy Levin

Kurt and Cindy Flory

Scott and Dawn Flucke

Allen and Joelle Ford

Mikelle Fraizer

Scott Fraizer

Greg Freix

Frank and Sondra Friedman

Lisa Friel


Mark and Stephanie Galles

Larry and Judith Geiger

Steve and Barb Geiger

Jeff and Polly Gentry

Gary and Holly Gibson

Gregg and Judith Gibson

Meghan Gockel

Kurt and Julee Goeser

Darren Goldstein

Dale and Nancy Goss

Dave and Linda Graves

Stuart and Rebecca Green

Lesle Griessel

Michael Grindell and Debbie Lindner

Vince and Kelly Grisell

Thomas and Ashley Grutzmacher


Ken and Marilyn Hager

Tracy Hagerson and Dale McHenry

Donald Hall

Jennifer and Scott Hannah

Carol and George Hansen

Tom and Jan Hardy

Chip Harris

Helen and Ed Healy

Justin and Camille Healy

Mark Henrichs

John and Jennifer Hense

Charles and Susan Hess

Johnny and Cindy Hill

Tom and Debbie Hilton

Jenifer and Francis Hitschmann

Ernie and Claire Hodge

Jay and Julia Howard

George and Lindsay Howes

Lung and Courtney Huang


Robert and Codie Iorio


Charles Jackson

Jerry and Kay Jennett

Jean Jennings

Tom and Linda Jindra

Bob and Jana Johnson

Ron and Nancy Jones

Scott and Susan Jones

Maurice and Betsy Joy


Aaron and Holly Kabler

Rob Kaplan

Terri and Darren Karst

Rick and Diane Klingman

Michael Kollman

Ed and Missy Kuklenski


Steve Larsen

Susan and Alan Leach

Erica and Todd LeBlanc

John and Vicky Lettmann

Bill and Laura Lewis

Chad Libertus

David and Sandi Litzinger

Ronald and Kelly Lockton

Steve Lockton

Mark and Dawn Long

Mazie Long

Lance Luther

Stanley and Marcia Lybarger


Dave Mackenzie

Mike Maddox

Brian and Judith Mall

Jason Martin

Richard Martin and Helen Seymour

Ford and Christine Maurer

Jim McCarten

Patrick and Cynthia McCarthy

Barbara McCloud

Kent McKee

Lleanna and Keith McReynolds

Nolan McWilliams

Jay and Becky Meschke

Sanjay Meshri

Jim and Karen Meyer

Matt Michaelis

Mike and Dee Michaelis

Larry and Corliss Miller

George and Anna Milleret

Grant Milleret

Larry and Barbara Montague

Susan Morris

Sarah and Rich Morrison

Dorthy Moxley

David and Janet Murfin

Andrea and Jeffrey Myers

Bob and Marty Myers


Jeff Naylor

Douglas and Cappi Nelson

Mary Nichols

Mike and Lisa Nickel

Debbie Norris


Lindsay Olsen

Chris and Julie Otto


Gary Padgett

Matt and Amy Paquette

William and Sandra Pennington

Bill and Suzanne Plybon

Sydney Pohl

Maribeth Portz and David Wanek

Tom and Darcy Preheim

Todd and Colleen Preheim

Mark and Angela Pringle

Jeanne and Paul Proia

Marc and Blanca Prouve

Jenni and Chris Purvis


Frank Rebori

Karen Redwood

Doug Regnier

Bill and Susan Rehm

Carl and Peggy Ricketts

Mike and Kristi Rinke

Ned and Jan Riss

Ronna and Donald Robertson

Brian and Diane Rose

Jay and Lori Ruf

Joanna Rupp


Tom and Nancy Sarowski

Bill Schulte

Jim and Kelli Schwartz

Steve and Jo Seigel

Bill and Catherine Shea

Janet and Tom Sheahan

Margo Shepard

Heather Shomin

Mike and Nancy Shonka

Jade Shopp

Christopher Sinclair

Surendra and Namrata Singh

Bruce and Fredia Smith

Rusty Smith

Randall and Beth Snapp

Bruce and Cindy Snyder

Steven Snyder

Lynne and Bob Stark

Bob and Lynne Stark

Kelly Stava

Matt Stava

Robert and Dorothy Stern

Sandra Stettler

John and Grace Steuri

John and Linda Stewart

Jeannine Strandjord

Carl and Kara Strutz

Shelly and Matthew Stumpe

Rita Suess

Adam Sweet


Karl and Peggy Taylor

Bob and Kathie Taylor

Rodger Taylor

Bill and Marilyn Taylor

Rob Thayer

Jason Thomas

Janice Toebben


Andy Vinciguerra and Amber Ott

Denis Viscek

Jana and Ned Voth


J.R. and Mia Walters

Larry Weians

Angela Weiden

Rob and Courtney Werling

Mark and Kristen Whitaker

Bob White

John and Trudy Wilgers

Mark and Jeannine Wilkerson

Rex and Nancy Winter

Dean and Cheryl Wolfe

Dana Wright


Diane Yetter

John Young and Jeanne Logsdon

Rich and Sally Young