Career options by major

How to choose your business major

Plan ahead: Meet with your academic advisor as a freshman or sophomore to discuss your options and the academic requirements for each major in which you have an interest. You should also refer to our Career Development Plan and make a career advising appointment to help you maximize your time at the School of Business.

Read about your major or area of interest: Business Career Services’ partnership with Vault enables KU business students to access exclusive, premier-level career content for free.

Attend events: Business Career Services hosts events designed to educate students about available career options. View the list of upcoming events, which typically include career roundtables, industry nights and career fairs.

Find an internship: Internships can help confirm you are in the right major — or can help you decide on other areas that would be a better fit. Even if you learn your current major is not a good fit, you will have some professional experience on your resume and a chance to make any necessary changes before having a full-time job in that area.

Join a club: The School of Business and the university have student clubs and organizations related to just about every subject area. Many of our student clubs and organizations bring in industry professionals as speakers.

Take classes: Enroll in some introductory courses in the area of your interest. Your academic advisor can help you create a schedule that allows you to explore options while fulfilling graduation requirements.

Utilize Once you have set up your free account, you can search for internships and jobs in your area of interest. Read through job descriptions and consider whether you’re interested in positions that require your potential major.

Conduct informational interviews:Talk to someone who currently holds a career in your area of interest to ask about their daily routines or to get their advice. The KU Alumni Mentoring network is a great place to start. Students also can contact companies to ask for a referral or stop by Business Career Services for help finding someone to interview.

Schedule an appointment: Make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss their options. Students should also meet with their academic advisor to learn more about academic requirements for each major.

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