Ph.D. placements



Ashleigh Bakke

Dissertation: Auditor Monitoring of Non-GAAP Earnings

Initial Placement: Oklahoma State University

Patience Constance

Dissertation: Saved by the CAM: Does CAM Disclosure Relatedness to Restatements Impact the Consequences of Restatement Announcements?

Initial Placement: University of West Florida


Amy Garman

Dissertation: Does Blockchain Technology Constrain Real Earnings Management?

Initial Placement: Kansas State University

Chris Rossetti

Dissertation: Weathering the Storm: The Influence of Weather on Financial Reporting Quality

Initial Placement: University of Delaware

Courtney Yazzie

Dissertation: Spillover Effects in Board Structure: Evidence from SB 826

Initial Placement: Clemson University


Yijun Li

Dissertation: The Economic Consequences of Tax Disclosure Regulation: Evidence from FIN 48

Initial placement: Erasmus University

Qiyang Lian

Dissertation: An Examination on Audit Office’s Client Portfolio Around Fraud Event

Initial placement: University of Missouri - Kansas City

Chenxi Lin

Dissertation: Do Misstatement Correction Disclosures Reflect Impaired Auditor Independence?

Initial placement: University of Oklahoma


Feng Guo

Dissertation: Essays on Corporate Disclosure Policies

Initial placement: Iowa State University

John Conrad Naegle

Dissertation: The Determinants of the Existence and Extent of Delays in Naming a Successor Auditor

Initial Placement: Missouri State University

Zac Wiebe

Dissertation: Essays on Financial Reporting in Corporate Spinoffs

Initial placement: University of Arkansas


Matt Sherwood

Dissertation: The Influence of Regulation of Audit Quality and Audit Fees

Initial placement: University of Massachusetts - Amherst


Ken Dalton

Dissertation: The Joint Effects of Psychological Distance and Counterexplanation on Analysts' Forecast Optimism

Initial placement: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Elizabeth Fuerherm

Dissertation: Three Essays on Factors Impacting Audit Quality

Initial placement: Goldman Sachs

Christine Porter

Dissertation: Essays on the Audit Market for Banks

Initial placement: Wichita State University


Juan Mao

Dissertation: Essays on U.S. Listed Chinese Reverse Merger Firms

Initial placement: University of Texas at San Antonio

Helen Janie Whiteaker-Poe

Dissertation: Three Essays On How U.S. Multinational Corporations Use Foreign Affiliated To Reduce Tax Burdens

Initial placement: Baylor University


Sunita Rao

Dissertation: Corporate Sustainability Reporting: Investigation of Assurance Process, Assurance Characteristics and Assurance Frameworks Used

Initial placement: Park University

Yang Xu

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Effect of Financial Expertise in Corporate Governance Restatements

Initial placement: University of Colorado - Colorado Springs


Ying Huang

Dissertation: Three Essays on Characteristics and Consequences of Financial Statement Restatements

Initial placement: University of Louisville


Corban Allenbrand

Dissertation: Essays on Model Selection Uncertainty and Model Averaging: Computational and Empirical Work with Beta Regression, Multiple Linear Regression with ARMA Innovations, and the Minimum Description Length Principle.

Initial Placement: Quest Diagnostics


Zheng Han

Dissertation: Payment and Pricing in Service Systems

Initial Placement: University of Science and Technology of China

Yi Tan

Dissertation: Essays on new methods for classification problems and applications

Initial placement: University of Alabama - Huntsville

Lu Wang

Dissertation: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Crowding on Service Systems

Initial placement: Ball State University


Sumanta Singha

Dissertation: Three Essays on Feature and Model Selection for Classification and Regression Problems

Initial placement: Indian School of Business


Jihyeon "Emily" Kim

Dissertation: Innovation Spillovers from High-skilled Labor Stocks

Initial placement:  California State University - San Marcos

Shuhua "Hazel" Zhang

Dissertation: Three Essays on Common Lender and Its Impact on Corporate Finance

Initial placement: Xi'an Jiatong - Liverpool University

Pei "Alex" Zhang

Dissertation: Risk and Portfolio Management Associate

Initial placement: Teacher Retirement System of Texas


Joe Fairchild

Dissertation: Three Essays in Bank Risk Management

Initial placement: Bank of America

Yaoyi Xi

Dissertation: Manager Personal Traits and Financial Decisions

Initial placement: San Diego State University


Zhao Zhao He

Dissertation: Talent, Innovation, and the U.S. Cash Hoards

Initial placement: University of New Hampshire

Minjie Huang

Dissertation: Essays on Executive Compensation

Initial placement: University of Louisville

Yeonju Jang

Dissertation: Three Essays on Commercial Bank Management and Its Impact on the Local Economy

Initial placement: Florida International University

Chao Jiang

Dissertation: Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing and Insider Trading

Initial placement: University of South Carolina


Han Yu

Dissertation: Essays on Merger Gains and Short Seller Ahead of Going Concern Reports

Initial placement: Southern Connecticut State University


Lijing Du

Dissertation: Essays on Market Efficiency and Distress Risk

Initial placement: Towson University

Jian Huang

Dissertation: Essays on Initial Public Offerings and the Disciplinary Effects of Proxy Contests

Initial placement: Towson University

Gokhan Torna

Dissertation: Three Essays on Traditional and Nontraditional Banking and Portfolio Decisions

Initial placement: Stony Brook University


Shane Moser

Dissertation: Essays on Venture Capital Syndication and the Informational Efficiency of the Corporate Bond Market

Initial placement: University of Mississippi


Mengwei Li

Dissertation: Organizational Implications on High Performance Work System in Small Firms: Contingencies of Top Executives’ Skill Sets

Initial placement:  Tilburg University

Ilhwan "Ian" Na

Dissertation: Human Capital Sourcing Strategices of Lower-reputation Professional Service Firms

Initial placement: Troy University


Jinhwan Jo

Dissertation: Toward a Theory of Voice Motives

Initial placement: Wright State University


Dongni Wan

Dissertation: Value Creating or Value Capturing? An Examination of Human Capital Usage Flexibility

Initial placement: Missouri Western State University


Pingshu Li

Dissertation: The Loss of Human Capital, Social Capital and Stars: Collective Turnover and Unit-Level Performance

Initial placement: University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Ken Ward

Dissertation: Can a Student Run Business Capstone Course Generate Relevant Forces That Last a Life Time - You Bet it Can.

Initial placement: University of Kansas


Jan Super

Dissertation: Pay Dispersion: The Effect on Attitudes and Knowledge Sharing Behaviors

Initial placement: Murray State University


Ghadir Ishqaidef

Dissertation: Disposable Workforce or Valuable Resources? Exploring the Role of Strategic Position and High Performance Work Systems in Temporary Staffing Firms,

Initial placement: University of Wisconsin, Green Bay


Hyoyeon "Summer" Kim

Dissertation: Two Essays on Consumer Responses to (Un)Ethical Brand Behavior

Initial Placement: People Power Company


Seyedjavad "Javad" Mousavi

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Interplay Between Online Reviews and Consumers

Initial Placement: University of Arkansas


Luxi Chai

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Dark Side of Curiosity in Marketing Transactions

Initial placement: Missouri Southern State University

Bingqing "Miranda" Yin

Dissertation: Pre-Giving Incentives and Protagonist Foci: Two Essays on Charity Advertising Effectiveness

Initial placement: John Carroll University


Amin Attari

Dissertation: Two Essays on Consumer Judgment and Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

Initial placement: NEOMA Business School

Frank Cabano

Dissertation: Social Identity-Based Barriers to Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior

Initial placement: University of Texas at El Paso

Marija Grishin

Dissertation: Communications and Health: The Role of Impression Management Concerns and Food Associations on Food Choice

Initial placement: University College Dublin


Samer Sarofim

Dissertation: When I Believe, I Am Biased: Two Essays on When and How Consumer Beliefs Lead to Judgment Bias

Initial placement: University of South Dakota


Minghui Ma

Dissertation: Two Essays on the Compensation of Marketing Agents

Initial placement: Appalachian State University


Priyam Rangan

Dissertation: Impact of Death-Related Television Programming on Advertising Evaluation

Initial placement: The College at Brockport (SUNY)


Jungsil Choi

Dissertation: Revisiting Positive and Negative Charity Appeal Effectiveness: Moderation Effect of Color and Victim-type

Initial placement: Cleveland State University

Duane Myer

Dissertation: Essays on the Reaction of Financial Markets to Two Marketing Investments: Sports Sponsorships and Sales Force Sizing

Initial placement: Pepperdine University


Zelin Zhang

Dissertation: Design and Pricing of Probilistic Quality

Initial placement: Renmin University


Pronobesh Banerjee

Dissertation: Impact Of Self And Temporal Construal On Brand Categorization And Extension Evaluation

Initial placement: Winston-Salem State University


Ze Wang

Dissertation: Impact of Cultural Differences in Affect Valuation on Customer Decision Making

Initial placement: University of Central Florida


Matt Deeg

Dissertation: The Support Provider Matters: Exploring the Influence of Support Provider Characteristics on Social Support Provision

Initial Placement: Abilene Christian University


Jiatian Chen

Dissertation: Career Calling Climate: The Development and Investigation of a new Construct

Initial placement: California State University, Bakersfield


Mark Geiger

Dissertation: Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing and Performance in Small Business: An Organizational Life-Cycle and Network Organization Perspective

Initial placement: Duquense University


Young Kyun Chang

Dissertation: How and Why Employees Engage in Corporate Volunteering

Initial placement: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Carol Flinchbaugh

Dissertation: When the Job Gets Tough: Antecedents and Benefits of Restorative Psychological Resources

Initial placement: New Mexico State University


Matt Luth

Dissertation: The Bright and Dark Sides of Empowerment: Linking Psychological Empowerment and Job Stressors to Proactive and Counterproductive Work Behaviors

Initial placement: Pacific Lutheran University

Preeti Wadhwa

Dissertation: The Relationship Between High Involvement Work Systems, Supervisory Support, and Organizational Effectiveness: Role of Employee Experiences at Work

Initial placement: California Polytechnic State University


Jim Grabowski

Dissertation:  Core-stigmatized Firms: An Examination of the Labor Market for Corporate Directors

Initial placement: University of Arkansas - Little Rock

Long Su

Dissertation: Innovation in Stigmatized Industries: Liability or Asset?


Jukyeong "Judy" Han

Dissertation: Should Startups Pursue Rapid Growth?

Initial placement: McMaster University


Juan Carlos Morales

Dissertation: Two Essays on Prior CEO Experience: Examining the Signaling Effects of Human, Social, and Reputational Capital and the Hiring Firms' Circumstances

Initial placement: West Texas A&M University

Christina Robichaud

Dissertation: CEO Self-Serving Attribution Bias: The Role of Organizational Identification and Consequences for Strategic Change

Initial placement: University of Montana


Yan "April" Huang

Dissertation: Modeling a Multinational Firm’s Manufacturing Network as a Portfolio of Real Options

Initial placement: Iowa State University


Zheng Cheng

Dissertation: Internalization Theory and the Asset Specificity and Measurement Branches of Transaction Cost Economics: Theoretical Relationships and Empirical Reexaminations

Initial placement: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Karl Kammerer

Dissertation: Heuristic Decision Making, Organizational Reputation and Stakeholder Perceptions of Reports Implicating Firms in Transgressions

Initial placement: Lindenwood University

Hilary Schloemer

Dissertation: Making Actionable Ideas: Linking Creativity, Creativity Management, and Innovation

Initial placement: Arkansas State University

David Wangrow

Dissertation: An Examination of CEOs’ Psychological and Relationship-Oriented Individual Traits Influencing Exhibited Managerial Discretion,

Initial placement: Marquette University


Won-Yong Oh

Dissertation: Three Essays on Traditional and Nontraditional Banking and Portfolio Decisions

Initial placement: University of Calgary


DJ Schepker

Dissertation: The Role of Executive Capital And The Market For Alternative Candidates In CEO Dismissal And Labor Market Consequences For Dismissed Chief Executives

Initial placement: University of South Carolina


Alex Martynov

Dissertation: Three Essays On The Choice of Decision-Making Structures In Alliances And Other Combined Ventures And The Performance Implications Of Such Choice At The Dyadic And Firm Levels

Initial placement: University of Houston-Clearlake