Andrew N. K. Chen

Andrew N. K. Chen
  • Professor
  • Analytics, Information and Operations Management academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 4114


Professor Chen’s current teaching and research interests include knowledge management, IT business value, human computer interface design, database management, and business and web programming applications.

His research work appears in Decision Sciences, Decision Support Systems, European Journal of Operational Research, Information & Management, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Journal of Management Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, and international conferences and workshops such as AMCIS, DSI, ICIS, PACIS, and WITS.


Ph.D. in Operations and Information Management, University of Connecticut
M.S. in Accountancy, George Washington University
B.B.A. in Accounting, Soochow University, Taiwan


Research interests:

  • knowledge management
  • business value of information technology
  • human computer interaction
  • robust databases
  • healthcare information systems



University of Kansas (KU)

• Seminar in Information Systems: Collaborative and Decision Support Systems (Ph.D.)
• Seminar in Information Systems: Organization Impacts of Information Systems (Ph.D.)
• Strategic Information Systems Planning (MBA/MAcc)
• Special Problems in Business Administration (MBA/MAcc)
• Business Computer Networking (MBA/MAcc)
• Contemporary Information Systems Topics (MBA/MAcc/Undergraduate)
• Individual Research in Information Systems Technology (Undergraduate)
• Fundamentals of Business Computer Networking (Undergraduate)
• Database Management (MBA/MAcc)

Arizona State University (ASU)

• Applied Projects (MBA/MSIM)
• Electronic Commerce (MAIS/MSIM, Undergraduate)
• Information Security (MBA/MSIM)
• Visual Paradigms for Information Systems Development (Undergraduate)

University of Connecticut (UConn)

• Operations Management (Undergraduate)
• Advanced Information Technologies (Undergraduate)
• Business Software Development (Undergraduate)
• Business Information Systems (Undergraduate)
• Accounting Information Systems (Undergraduate)
• Visual Basic (MBA)
• Integration of Visual Basic and Microsoft Office (Professional Education)

Teaching interests:

  • strategic information technology planning
  • contemporary and emerging information technology
  • web technology applications and programming
  • computer networking
  • database management
  • business intelligence
  • accounting information systems

Selected Publications

Lee, Y. G., Coyle, J. R., & Chen, A. N. K. (2021). Improving Intention to Back Projects with Effective Designs of Progress Presentation in Crowdfunding Campaign Sites [Journal Articles]. Decision Support Systems. Accepted/In Press.
Liu, Y., Lee, Y. G., & Chen, A. N. K. (2020). How IT Wisdom Affects Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation of 15-Year US Panel Data [Journal Articles]. Decision Support Systems, 133, 1–11.
Lee, Y., & Chen, A. N. K. (2019). The Effects of Progress Cues and Gender on Online Wait [Journal Articles]. Decision Support Systems, 123, 1–13.
Chen, A. N. K., Lee, Y. G., & Hwang, Y. (2018). Managing Online Wait: Designing Effective Waiting Screens across Cultures [Journal Articles]. Information & Management, 55, 558–575.
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