Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra
  • Professor
  • Marketing and Business Law academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2166


Ph.D., Washington State University
MBA, Washington State University
M.S., Ohio State University
B.S., Indian Institute of Technology


Research interests:

  • consumer preference and choice modeling
  • choice inconsistencies
  • processing of the ad
  • conjoint analysis
  • applications of quantitative models in marketing
  • survey research and methodology
  • new product development processes
  • product and innovation management
  • entrepreneurship


Business in India, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, New Product Management and Pricing, Categorical Data Analysis, Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, Technology Transfer and Commercialization, Personal Entrepreneurship Strategy

Teaching interests:

  • marketing research
  • marketing models
  • product and innovation management
  • pricing
  • new product development
  • new venture creation
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing management and strategy
  • marketing measurement

Selected Publications

Wang, Z., Singh, S. N., Li, Y., Mishra, S., Ambrose, M., & Biernat, M. (2017). Effect of Employees’ Positive Affective Displays on Customer Loyalty Intentions: An Emotions-As-Social-Information Perspective [Journal Articles]. Academy of Management Journal, 60(1), 109–129.
Patil, V. H., Singh, S. N., Mishra, S. K., & Donovan, T. D. (2008). Efficient Theory Development and Factor Retention Criteria: Abandon the ‘Eigenvalue Greater than One’ Criterion [Journal Articles]. Journal of Business Research, 61(2), 162–170.
Singh, S. N., Donovan, T., Mishra, S. K., & Little, T. (2008). The Latent Structure of Landscape Perception: A Structural Equations Approach [Journal Articles]. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 28, 339–352.
Singh, S. N., Dalal, N. P., Mishra, S. K., & Patil, V. (2005). Toward Measuring Communications Effectiveness of Commercial Web Home Pages [Journal Articles]. Journal of Current Research and Issues in Advertising, 27(1 Spring), 31–52.
Mishra, S. K., & Umesh, U. N. (2005). Validation of Conjoint Analysis Results Using A Priori Signs [Journal Articles]. Journal of Business Research, 58, 301–311.
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