Trambak Banerjee

Trambak Banerjee
  • Assistant Professor
  • Analytics, Information and Operations Management academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 4128


Ph.D. in Business Administration (Statistics), Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, 2020
M.S. in Mathematical Finance, University of Oxford, 2015
M.S. in Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute, 2006, Kolkata
B.S. in Statistics, St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta, 2004


Research interests:

  • Shrinkage Estimation and Empirical Bayes Prediction
  • High Dimensional Penalized Likelihood Methods
  • Statistical applications in Virology, Consumer behavior and Marketing.

Selected Publications

Banerjee, T., Liu, Q., Mukherjee, G., & Sun, W. (2021). A General Framework for Empirical Bayes Estimation in Discrete Linear Exponential Family [Journal Articles]. <br><br>, 22(67), 1–46.
Banerjee, T., Mukherjee, G., Dutta, S., & Ghosh, P. (2020). A Large-scale Constrained Joint Modeling Approach For Predicting User Activity, Engagement And Churn With Application To Freemium Mobile Games [Journal Articles]. <br><br>, 115(530), 538–554.
Banerjee, T., Mukherjee, G., & Sun, W. (2020). Adaptive Sparse Estimation with Side Information [Journal Articles]. <br><br>, 115(532), 2053–2067.
Banerjee, T., Bhattacharya, B., & Mukherjee, G. (2020). Non-Parametric Two Sample Testing Under Heterogeneity with Applications to Single-Cell Virology [Journal Articles]. <br><br>, 14(4), 1777–1805.