Public accounting internship and job offer guidelines

Business Career Services at KU has recently implemented offer policies for public accounting as well as a set of recommended guidelines for all other recruiting scenarios. Guidelines are designed to establish equitable timeframes for students and employers in the recruiting process.

The following guidelines were outlined collaboratively by Business Career Services and the KU Master of Accouning (MAcc) program.

We believe that it’s in the mutual best interests of both our students and our employers to allow adequate timeframes for students to make information-based and experience-based employment decisions. Doing so requires the opportunity to explore a full range of firms before making a commitment. Our hope is that these guidelines will enhance the recruiting experience for both students and recruiting organizations as well as minimize circumstances of reneged offers.

Please note, these guidelines do not prohibit firms from extending early offers. They are also not intended to discourage students that have clarity about their options and are ready to make a decision from accepting an offer prior to the dates outlined below.

Recruiting scenarios

Internship offers extended Nov. 10 through the last Friday in July should remain open until the last Friday in July the year prior to the internship start date. This includes internship offers resulting from one-off office visits, Summer Leadership Programs and internships. This timeline will enable students to evaluate all options before the start of the next recruiting cycle.

Offers extended from the campus recruiting process

For internship and full-time offers extended as a result of the fall campus recruiting process, offers should remain open until November 1 prior to the offer start date. This timeline will enable students to fully participate in the recruiting process before being required to make a decision. Please note that this scenario includes on-campus recruiting as well as one-off recruiting visits to your firm.


  • During the fall 2022 recruiting cycle, a student receives an internship or full-time offer for 2023 (winter, summer or fall). The offer must remain open until Nov. 1, 2022.

Full-time offers extended after an internship

For full-time offers resulting from an internship, offers should remain open until the last Friday in July of final year of school.


  • Winter/Summer 2022 (senior or MAcc) intern receives an offer with a start date in 2023. Offer must remain open until the last Friday in July 2022. 

Early offers

Early offers (those made one or two years in advance of the internship start date) shall remain open until the last Friday in July before fall semester courses start before the internship year.


  • A freshman or sophomore receives an internship offer in 2022 with a start date of 2024. The offer must remain open until July 30, 2023.