Susan Scholz

Susan Scholz
  • Executive Associate Dean
  • Stanley P. Porter Professor
  • School of Business administration
  • Dean's Office
  • Accounting academic area

Contact Info

Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2112


Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Southern California
B.A. in Accounting, University of Utah
Magna Cum Laude


Research interests:

  • Financial Restatements
  • Market for audit services


Teaching interests:

  • Financial accounting
  • Financial statement analysis

Selected Publications

Masli, A., Porter, C., & Scholz, S. (2018). Determinants of Auditor Going Concern Reporting in the Banking Industry [Journal Articles]. Auditing Journal of Practice and Theory, 37(4), 187–205.
Haislip, J. Z., Myers, L. A., Scholz, S., & Seidel, T. A. (2017). The Consequences of Audit-Related Earnings Revisions [Journal Articles]. Contemporary Accounting Research, 34(4), 1880–1914.
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Scholz, S. (2014). Financial Restatement Trends in the United States: 2003-2012 [Other]. In Commissioned and published by the Center for Audit Quality.
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Ettredge, M. L., Scholz, S., Smith, K. R., & Sun, L. (2010). How Do Restatements Begin? Evidence of Earnings Management Preceding Restated Financial Reports [Journal Articles]. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 37(3 & 4), 332–355.
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