Bachelor of Business Administration

KU's BBA program for working professionals offers practical knowledge, business theory and professional skills in a broad range of topics, including finance, management, business law, accounting, marketing and business analytics.
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Program information

KU's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offers an engaging curriculum in a flexible format. Courses cover a broad range of business topics that prepare students for a variety of professional roles.

Students in the BSB business administration major are not eligible to pursue the BBA.

Admission requirements

  • Completion of a minimum 60 college credit hours
  • Cumulative 2.5+ GPA, including the following:
    • All coursework
    • All professional coursework (business and economics)
    • All KU coursework
    • All KU professional coursework
  • Completion of the following courses (must be taken for a grade):
    • MATH 101 College Algebra
    • Statistics
      • Statistics with a College Algebra or higher-level math as a prerequisite will fulfill this requirement, such as MATH 365.
    • PSYC 104: Intro/General Psychology
    • ACCT 200: Financial Accounting
    • ACCT 201: Managerial Accounting
    • ECON 142: Microeconomics
    • ECON 144: Macroeconomics

Apply to the BBA

For scholarship consideration, apply to KU by May 1 prior to the fall/summer semester, or Dec. 1 prior to the spring semester you plan to transfer to KU.