Program benefits


Honors courses

The most conspicuous benefit will be the opportunity to enroll in Business Honors courses, taught by some of the most gifted faculty in the school. Courses are smaller than the non-honors offering, which allows for significant interaction with the honors faculty.

Honors student network

The enriched academic environment provides high-achieving students with the intellectual and social support to reach their full potential – professionally and personally. With approximately 150 fellow Jack Dicus Business Honors Program (BHP) students, each honors student has the chance to build a solid network of motivated classmates who may become life-long professional colleagues.

Honors lounge in Capitol Federal Hall

Capitol Federal Hall includes a lounge dedicated for use by BHP students, room 2048.

Business Career Services advisor

Honors program students have an advisor in Business Career Services who works with each BHP student.

Graduation with Business Honors designation

If all requirements are met, honors program students have the opportunity to graduate with Business Honors designation. Students graduating with this designation wear a special cord at graduation, are noted in the KU School of Business graduation recognition ceremony program and are invited to a recognition lunch.