An image showing the EY Professionalism Program wordmark over an image of a business student practicing their interview skills at a table with faculty and potential employers.

EY Professionalism Program

Gain an advantage in the competitive job market by getting early exposure to career concepts and enriched opportunities for professional development.

Learn how to put your business education into action upon graduation.

The KU School of Business EY Professionalism Program helps Business Jayhawks keep their career goals on track and design their future. The program combines a series of six, 1-credit courses focused on career and professional excellence with the Platform for Professional Excellence (ePlatform). The ePlatform documents participation in a variety of outside-of-course activities promoting excellence in professionalism.

From workshops to badges and certifications, the EY Professionalism Program will have numerous opportunities. Students will be able to demonstrate the full range of their activities to potential employers in new ways.

Program activities

  • Research professions

  • Develop a career plan and set goals

  • Earn additional certifications and credentials

  • Engage with potential employers and industry professionals

  • Participate in a flexible internship component

Who participates in the program?

  • Students who were directly admitted as freshmen to the School of Business for fall 2020 and beyond
  • All students who were admitted to the School of Business — directly, as transfers, and otherwise — for fall 2022 and beyond
  • Students who are seniors during the 2022-23 academic year, as well as students who transferred into the school or who were admitted to the school up until the fall 2022 semester, are exempt from participating in the EY Professionalism Program.
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Lay the groundwork for personal and professional development.

Gain exposure to cutting-edge topics, trends and technologies.

Connect with a career advisor, set career goals, and develop your resume and interviewing skills.

Explore careers and career-related topics in various business disciplines based on your major or career path. Major-specific 230 courses will be available, and students in those majors will be encouraged to take the 230 course for their chosen or anticipated major.

Apply the skills you’ve learned with a professional-level internship component, which can be completed between your sophomore and junior year or between your junior and senior year, though exceptions can be made.

Prepare for a successful transition to life after college by reflecting, integrating and synthesizing your professional development.


For more information or questions regarding the EY Professionalism Program, please contact Matt Lancaster.


The Platform for Professional Excellence, or ePlatform, guides Business Jayhawks' engagement beyond the classroom, documenting and tracking activities, and providing an opportunity to showcase their skills.


BUS 310: Internships with Impact

Students who wish to fulfill their internship requirement for graduation must obtain an internship and submit it for approval prior to enrolling in BUS 310.