Curriculum overview

This program is designed on the fundamental principles of business analytics. Students will participate in hands-on learning, projects, and real-world case studies and work with leading companies to solve business problems and challenges with business analytics. Graduates will not only learn to work with multiple tools, data sets and solutions, but they also develop the ability to communicate the value of business analytics to improve business decisionā€making and overall business success.

Year 1: Fall

BUS 801: Professional Skills Development

BSAN 726: Data Management and Data Warehousing

BSAN 710: Statistical Modelling

BSAN 720: Data and Visual Analytics

BSAN 750: Data Mining and Machine Learning

MS-BSAN elective

Year 1: Spring

BSAN 730: Large Scale Data Analysis

BSAN 740: Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics

BSAN 760: Data Driven Business Strategy

BSAN 780: Business Analytics Capstone

MS-BSAN elective


An elective will be offered each semester covering a range of topics. Elective topics may include courses in data security, machine learning, healthcare analytics, accounting analytics, or marketing analytics.