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The Analytics, Information and Operations Management (AIO) academic area includes faculty who are experts in topics such as business analytics, information systems and supply chain management, as well as former industry professionals whose experience supplements our curriculum.

AIO faculty regularly publish in leading academic journals and lend their expertise to regional and national media. Their intellectual contributions generate new knowledge and understanding, particularly as industries continue to rely more heavily on data-driven decision making.

In the Media

  • Manufacturer works on a project as smoke curls around him

    Disruptor Daily

    What Is The Future Of Supply Chain Management? 16 Experts Share Their Insig

  • An overhead view of shipping containers on a barge

    Inbound Logistics

    What's the difference between supply chain visibility and transparency?

  • A piece of luggage

    Academic Minute

    Mazhar Arikan, University of Kansas, talks baggage fees

Recent research & news

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Artificial intelligence expert originates new theory for decision-making

How should people make decisions when the outcomes of their choices are uncertain, and the uncertainty is described by probability theory? That’s the question faced by Prakash Shenoy, the Ronald G. Harper Distinguished Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Kansas School of Business.
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New study advocates updating approach to teaching supply chain curriculum

“Nobody worries about the supply chain until something goes wrong,” said Joe Walden, the assistant area director in analytics, information and operations management at the University of Kansas.
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Time holds the key in best approach to multistage-bidding process, study finds

A team's new research led by a University of Kansas School of Business professor will help companies determine the best way to solicit bids from suppliers in a multistage reverse auction.
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Expanding geographic sharing of donor kidneys would increase number of transplants, study

Broadening the geographic range that a number of deceased-donor kidneys would be available would increase the number of transplants and improve the lives of patients unlikely to receive one based on where they live, according to a study that includes a University of Kansas researcher.

Area directors

Jide Wintoki
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Area Director, Analytics, Information and Operations Management, Capitol Federal Professor
Detelina Stoyanova
Assistant Area Director, Analytics, Information and Operations Management, Assistant Teaching Professor

Analytics, Information and Operations Management faculty

Mazhar Arikan
Associate Professor
Trambak Banerjee
Assistant Professor
Mark Best
Soudipta Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Wei Chen
Associate Professor
Arunima Chhikara
Assistant Professor
Lidan Fan
Assistant Teaching Professor
Mark Haug
Assistant Teaching Professor
Steve Hillmer
Professor, Director, Davis Center for Figure Sense
Gilbert Karuga
Associate Professor
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Michael Lash
Assistant Professor
Shaobo Li
Assistant Professor
Suman Mallik
B. Allen and Dorothy V. Lay Professor
Thomas Patton
Professor of the Practice
Sara Reed
Assistant Professor
Brian R. Salmans
Assistant Teaching Professor
Nagarajan Sethuraman
Assistant Professor
Prakash Shenoy
Ronald G. Harper Distinguished Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Ben Sherwood
Assistant Professor
Karthik Srinivasan
Assistant Professor
Joe Walden
Associate Teaching Professor
Diana Wu